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    Hi all,

    I'm hoping someone can enlighten me. I've read a lot of stories of how cannabis oil has helped brain tumors shrink, eventually curing them of cancer.

    Does the oil have to be from cannabis? I've seen a number of sites selling pure CBD oil created from filtering huge quantities of Hemp. Would this have the same effectiveness as cannabis oil, or is cannabis oil high in THC too?
    I'm from the UK where CBD oil derived from hemp should be ok legally.

    I have recently found out that a relative has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of stage 4 brain cancer. There's nothing they can really do for them, and have given them 9 months to live. If I can get my hands on something which could help them, it's something i'd be willing to do.
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    CBD oil is produced mostly from hemp, with no THC and very little of the balance of healing chemicals found in good high quality marijuana. RSO oil by contrast is made from very strong, good quality marijuana and has everything in it that the plant can produce.
    RSO is healing people right and left and is highly recommended.
    CBD oil, sold legally and legally transported via mail, appears to be mostly useless against most things other than mild pain management, and I certainly would not trust my health on anything other than the real thing. I have heard many reports of cancers and other diseases being stopped with RSO, and have seen it's effectiveness in my own family. I have heard no such verifiable claims from anyone taking legal CBD products, except for a few mild epilepsy cases, and one of those that I know of got hold of RSO later on in their treatment and never went back to CBD, even at 5x the cost.
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    CBD has many potential uses and benefits. Oil can be taken orally, rubbed on the skin, and inhaled through a vape pen.
  4. I recently tried vaping it CBD oil and so far i love it. it seems to "subtly" help. its 100% legal in all 50 states as of now. However if you are in a legal state, well....

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