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  1. painretreat

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    :thumbsup:For medicine, we need, some THC and the CBD's. There is such a push on the CBD grows, here in Calif.

    I recently met a man, growing for CBD's, and some thc. He makes tinctures and extracts. Several years ago, he tried to cure his father, of Glioma (brain cancer). What a motivated young man, to help people.

    He makes a CBD rich tincture. I tried it, WOW!!! No high, but a certain body high, by relaxing the body and my head. I took it about an hour ago. Very rich medication.

    Harlequin, is a 2-4% thc and very high in CBD's: Has anyone tried this strain?:Rasta: pr
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    I've read about Harlequin - it's supposed to the current gold standard for high-CBD strains.

    I see it recommended all over the web.

    I've also read that the effect is somewhat dreamlike & very peaceful - did you find that to be true?
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  3. painretreat

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    :jointsmile:I haven't tried it yet. It was available, about 6 months ago, for a very short time. At that time, I was going for NL, GDP and anything with indica Blueberry, in it.

    :thumbsup:The low THC, sounds pretty good to me. There is another one, I heard of, but I can't read my writing; with even less, thc.

    Definitely, I plan to try it. And every low thc HI CBD strain I can.

    If it is anything like that tincture, I can see many using it. Last week, I was in the hospital and the 71 yr old patient, in the bed next to me, After my M.D. walked out, told me, "Honey, you need to smoke marijuana!" LOL, what a shock!!!

    She said she use's some leaves in her tea at night, successfully treating her arthritis. Since, there are more CBD's in it, that makes sense. She and her senior son, were clueless about sativa/indica...etc!!! She said, "I don't like the High!"
    Definitely, if the word is out there...there is a market.

    The tincture I tried, had a body buzz, for about 4 hours. For some, longer..up to 7.

    My first real medicinal grade, was OG Kush. I'll never forget it! I must find some Harli. I have another name of a strain, that is available: 2 other growers told me, 'don't bother with it....it is a weird plant to grow.' I just want to use it, anyway.

    I am learning of Project CBD. IN Los Angeles, somewhere, there is a place that will "Give" away the CBD clones. That is looking promising. Most likely, it is for test growers of the new strain, idk. These names, are being kept under wraps!

    Apparently, one of these, has well over 23% CBD's/CBN's.

    Once you feel that CBD body rush, thc is not on your mind! It is intoxicating, the body feeling! :Rasta: pr

    That CBD tincture, was "peaceful" I was standing and after about 5 minutes, a guy said, 'Look how relaxed and different her posture is?" Dreamlike, I now recall, my eyes were relaxed and a little out of focus. A very nice feeling, very nice.
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  4. cannabis-seeds

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    I'm sure you've seen it, but I just want to mention for everyone else out there that projectcbd has a great website with a lot of info - it's a .org
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  5. painretreat

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    :thumbsup:The book Smoke Signals: By Martin Lee
    Has so much information in it, about CBD..etc... a new world, far and beyond!!! With meds like that, we WILL get it legalized!

    The tincture I tried was called: CBD tincture...There WILL be, a major market for it. I get really tired of the high. Not to mention, the cutting, grinding, rolling, packing, lungs and cleaning out under my fingernails. Oh and cleaning, bongs, vape and pipes. And IF, I were growing; I'd have to pack dirt in and out of the house, etc. This medicine, is work. I doubt if anyone, would go to that much trouble, if it wasn't beneficial.

    I am not sure if, this is in the book or not, however; Martin Lee, points out, in his seminars; That Some THC is REQUIRED for the brain to utilize the CBD's. There was some discussion on genetics, recessive x Dom etc. that is sex porn, to me! I just love to listen to how breeders, breed! :Rasta: pr
  6. LadyGrower

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    I'm growing a lab tested high CBD strain Harle-Tsu and also succeeded in reversing a single branch of this female to throw male flowers.
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  7. painretreat

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    I am not familiar with Tsu....what is it? pr
  8. LadyGrower

    LadyGrower Registered+

    It's a cross of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami by SoHum Seed Collective.
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  9. painretreat

    painretreat Registered+

    Sounds interesting, are you going to do a grow log? pr
  10. endive

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    Haze Autoflower has a higher CDB content. Very mellow on the THC high, but quite good for muscle & nerve pain in my experience.
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  11. LadyGrower

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    The Harle-Tsu was lab tested at 22 to 1 CBD to THC ratio. What has the Haze Autoflower been lab tested at?
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  12. Egzoset

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    Salutations everyone,

    For reasons hard to explain briefly i'd prefer some 1:1 CBD-Rich Auto-Flowering Feminized strain if i'm ever tempted to grow again.

    It seems i'll have time to re-think the whole hobby so your suggestions & corresponding reviews might be helpful here...

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  13. endive

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    To be clear, my statement on higher CBD levels in Haze Auto is based on the breeder's claim (Dinafem), so as to specific Laboratory test results, I have no facts or proof beyond that of my experience with growing it.

    With tested strains like Harle-Tsu, I wonder if growing indoor versus outdoor also has any effect on CBD levels.
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  14. jimzzz11

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    i just ordered some CBD from a dispensary in Montreal CAN
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  15. painretreat

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    jimzz11; I'll be waiting for your post on 'results,' anxiously.

    I just started a new CBD tincture made with a 1:1 (THC to CBD) ratio. The process is difficult for me to, entirely understand. However, it is done with chemical analysis and if needed, thc is added or taken out, to maintain the constant 1:1 ratio.

    This tincture really rocks. Having had some serious issues with my balance for the past 10 months, the high is not desirable. As, I stopped using the Hemp oil in Nov., for a variety of reasons. All my ortho/neuro problems returned and this medicine works for the pain and spasms, asap, without the high. Noting, that it took several months on the rso, to get this much relief.

    This is the UP part for a grower...this stuff sells for $250. an ounce and that is simply 'costs.' It is 10mg of CBD X 10mg of THC, precisely. Side effects, relief!

    It is processed with CO2 (a method without so much danger). Then the analysis and adding or removing of thc and or CBD.

    It only takes about 3 drops for a maximum benefit.

    The one thing I KNOW, for certain...Little or no sativa is in it, depending on the thc results. This method of using a dropper, makes it easier to control the dose, as well.

    The taste, well..it could improve. Similar to rso, however not quite, as obnoxious.

    Harlequin is one of the strains grown for this mixture. :Rasta: pr
  16. Cannabidiolator

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    Harlequin CBD plants are free to anyone 21 years old in Colorado.
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