CBD while pregnant

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    Hey. Does anyone knows if it's safe to use CBD while pregnant and while i am breastfeeding my child?
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  2. gardenermendo

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    You're willing to put yourself ahead of your unborn child and living child?
    Just so you know, there are medical doctors out there who can help you with whatever problem you have. And treat you safely.

    And last thing, none of us here can give you medical advice. Please go see a doctor and respect his/her advice.
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  3. redtails

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    And if you are in the USA they will drug test you and the baby at the time of birth. The baby's test will show anything from the last 2 months or so of your pregnancy. Don't give anybody a chance to take your kid away, be safe.
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  4. Canna-Girl

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    I have known women who have smoked a hit now and then for pregnancy for relief of nausea. It worked well and I have been around their children for their life time. Their children are now in their late teens and thrived in school, social and work. Saying that, I do not believe there is any serious studies done on pregnancy and cannabis. Here is one from Pubmed: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11843371 and here is an article focusing on pregnancy and cannabis. http://norml.org/about/item/breathe-push-puff-pot-use-and-pregnancy-a-review-of-the-literature
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  6. Egzoset

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    More input, though that ain't really novel:

    Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants
    (US 6630507 B1)

    « ...cannabinoids are found to have particular application as neuroprotectants... »

    Depending who's talking to who about what it's a patented "neuroprotectant", then it's not...

    For those readers in search for more pre-digested sense of "reality" just try this instead:

    [ http://www.realwomenofcanada.ca/the-...drugs-reality/ ]
    Real women of Canada - The UN Meeting on Drugs – REALity​

    Good day, have fun!! :D
  7. Cadlen Leroy

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    Using any substance during pregnancy can be concerning. Everything that is taken into the body can have a possible impact on the developing baby. Thus far, prenatal cannabis use is not associated with an increased risk of birth defects or life-threatening conditions. However, medical researchers and professionals still have concerns. But CBD is unique in the way it affects the body. On a microscopic level, topically applied CBD infused oils, crèmes and other products communicate with the body. CBD research suggests it can stop the cycle of inflammation by soothing pain receptors, nerves, and it creates and enables the body to relax.
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  8. Egzoset

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    Salutations Cadlen Leroy,

    One problem having to rely on "science" people and "specialists" as presently defined in Canada, for example, is that in my country it was pharamaci$ts who 1st gained legal control over "Indian Hemp" in 1885, after they managed to have it declared "POISON" (...) under the Royal aprobation of her majesty Queen Victoria, which if i got that part right may simply boil down to a matter of Montreal's pharmacists assosication using a grotesque lie to toss away the apothicaries who dealt with it in days when it was still as legal as alcohol and tobacco... Then if i'm not mistaking the national ban of a Liberal doctor named Henri-Sévérin Béland effectively transfered this provincial authority to Ottawa - and possibly also to the canadian pharmaci$ts a$$ociation - but i'm not too sure on that last item's chronology nor how it's all tied up precisely, but at least i know the sustained/repeated demonization clearly confirms constant political - even medical - abuse with no truly viable justifications ever presented.

    To top it all this twisted story merges with the invention of the cigarette rolling machine which compounded the issues decades later for little else than pure capitalist mercantilism, etc., while politicians playing the sorcerer's apprentice prepared to inflict the worst permanent prejudice of all via their own mindless and harmful interventions.

    The cigarette consumtion method has been hurting humanity on a global scale and all the prohibitionists can think of a century later is more of what failed consistently before, unable to realize THEY cause real harm including to the elusive children of planet Itnoc precisely (and they like to blame us for it, to top it all!), etc.

    I can undertand how cannabinoïds reduce pain at the origin but i got to wonder why Canuck suckers ain't free to evaluate it for themselves considering in Switzerland now 1 % THC tobacco substitute is as legal as letuce and tomatoes... Not to mention cannabis is practically the safest "drug" around and it's direct from dame nature aided by patient genetic selection plus proof-testing conducted in parallel through human civilisations, etc.

    In other words i got sick of holier-than-you "expert" attitudes transpiring through Trudeau's liberal goverment, especially after we all read about LPs "discussing" (conspiring?) use of BANNED (cyanide-laced!!!) pesticides for medical client$... Wow, talk about the ultimate vilification meant to scare teenagers away, by making the offer as "dull" as one can imagine!... They beat ORGANIZED CRIME... Consequently, i say maybe doctors inspire trust elsewhere in the world though i wouldn't want to bet on ours thinking Canada became the land of MiniHarper & Co.

    At the very least we should demand for systematic counter-expertise in an open global debate context, in opposition to cheap-talk scripted smoke-screens hiding nothing but self-serving greed and similar, etc, etc...

    Good day, have fun! :D
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  9. richardandrews

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    Albeit the use of medical marijuana at the time of pregnancy or breastfeeding a child can be harmful, however, there are a few strains that are absolutely safe. You can approach a licensed cannabis club in San Jose for recommendations.

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