cd test for grit...myth? help!!

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    Hi everyone,[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I need some advice. I got my hands on this homegrown Daiquiri Lime (from a friend of a friend of a friend) and it smells amazing and looks good too, a bit poorly trimmed but lots of (what I hope are) crystals including inside the buds and on the stems. The baggie has lots of crystals too...

    I got some grit before and got really scared by it, so each batch I get, I always test it first. The ash test passed very well, burnt to a white clean ash and was told by the dealer (whos friend grew it) that it was flushed for 2 weeks before harvest etc. My problem is that it scratched a cd and I then ground up some and placed it under a glass...and it crackled when the glass went over it. Now, sites have said this is grit, BUT is it? Other sites say the cd test is not a good test and maybe all weed cracks when a glass is moved over it. Its super sticky and smells divine and its driving me crazy! The guy i got it off used to grow with this dude and assures me its as clean as nature, but why would it scratch?

    So I had a brainwave to empty some of the crystals from the baggie and see if they scratched the cd. Moved the grass to a container and rubbed the bag with my fingers to loosen the crystals and poured it onto a cd. When rubbed with my finger it didnt scratch, but then got a soft tissue and applied pressure and it scratched!!
    My question is, do these crystals look legit or is it glass or silicone or something evil??

    I need help here, as its driving me crazy...on one hand, Im so scared of vaping this if its glass,,....on the other the dealer is insisting on it being clean and tasty!! Do I just have some really good, sticky stuff or not?!

    Im calling for all people out there to attempt this method, but only if they know their weed is clean 100%. If you've grown it yourself or you have some thats tracable, please empty some crystals out of the bag and rub them on a cd and see if it scratches. If it does, and you are sure its clean, then this myth must be debunked and soon, as it will safe a lot of heartache and possibly the health of people!

    And also please let me know!! Dying to have some of this and if it scratches for you guys too, then Im sure this stuff is fine for me to enjoy!! Was worried when I saw crystals on the stalks and inside the bud and it was sticking to the bag and now this! Please help!

    Ive uploaded some photos of the crystals and the scratch. Do these look like tricomes or is it glass?

    Thank u!!! x
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    Your images did not post.

    Wet a tissue with rubbing alcohol and swipe that CD with it.
    If the "scratches" disappear, they were not scratches. They were resin smears.
    Get a good loupe and look at your "crystals".
    Real capitate glands are not crystals, they are tiny, smooth surfaced, wax encapsulated, globes that sit atop the trichomes.
    They will melt their wax skins at body temperatures and make your fingers sticky.
    Sticky, not gritty, and you are good. :)

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