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  1. tertairyEffect

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    On erowid i found a guide that said you could just add it to cereal, no cooking at all, and there would be an effect. Doesnt seem likely to me, but what do you all know about this?
  2. Gumby

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    milk has fat... some thc will bond to the fat. more if it's heated... but some will so ya you could. The sugar in the cereal will have adverse effects on the pot though, too much sugar isn't good and most cereals have a lot.

    probably not the best way to eat it... try pancakes, waffles, cupcakes, bagels, toast, oatmeal, there are ton of breakfast foods you can cook with it
  3. tertairyEffect

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    So are any of these possiblities without cooking the buds in anyway? thats awfully smelly and im having trouble with times.
  4. Gumby

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    liquor works... if you can't cook you can always use that, just soak some bud in a bottle of liquor and give it a while, then you can use that and don't have to cook it... my next project is to get a watermellon high and drunk, heard it works great and no one can really tell cause you're just eating watermellon
  5. tertairyEffect

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    Im not really partial to alchohol, so i spose ill have to find a way to microwave it without killing the thc/undercooking it
  6. FunkyMonkey

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    If you microwave it kiss your high goodbye.
    A microwave will kill your buds by evaporating all the goodies and leavin you with crap.
    You can warm milk in a pot and make tea by simmering it with your ground pot but I would suggest making butter. Its the only way to go for eating the stuff.
    Heat the butter till melted and hot, add your ground pot....half hour later ( the longer the better) strain it and give it a gentle squeeze and enjoy.
    this is the condensed version of the recipe. I could write it all out step by step or you could go check erowid or just do a google on it and read up.

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