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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by buttasoflie, Apr 8, 2006.

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    Hey everyone, someone, anyone, I am really trippin out because I took a pre employment drug test on Friday but here's the problem. I smoked on Thursday morning, got the call that I had to test the next day, so I started drinking a shit load of water, then Friday morning, I put one pack of certos in a bottle of water, and another pack in another bottle. I drank the first bottle at 8am and the next at 8:30am. I didn't actually finish the second one, but I drank a full bottle of the first and half of the second. Anyway, I pissed about 3 times and then took the test at like 9:45am. Is this enough time for the shit to work? My piss was clear, so I'm hoping that's a good thing, but I dont know. The worst part about it is I wont know until Monday when I arrive at work(my first day) at 8am. If I took the test on Friday, Im sure they will email or call sometime that morning, but not before 8am. I think Im screwed but I've seen so many hopeful success stories.
    After I pissed, I went home and was so nervous that went to wal mart and bought a home test. I took that around 12:00pm and it was positive for thc. I was wondering, how long does certos stay in your system? And could I have possibly passed the first test since I took the certos that morning? Can someone please ease my mind. Try not to be to hard on me though.
    Any info. is greatly appreciated.

  2. pectinguy

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    your urine might not have been dilute at noon.

    certos has it's uses, but when taken with a large amount of water - it's the water, not the certos that's doing the magic.
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    you should have saved all the water drinking for the day of the test, that's the only time it works is before so that your piss is clear, hopefully it was dilluted when you took and and re-undilluted at noon
  4. Nochowderforyou

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    No, one day isn't enough. I believe you need to stop for at least 48hrs in order for that thing to work right, the Certos or whatever.

    If your piss was too watered down, they may ask you for another sample.

    It is unlikely your urine will come nack clean. Sorry. :(
  5. KillerDemo

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    i smoked 2 days b4 and passed with certo. but i used it with gatorade instead of water.
  6. FakeBoobsRule

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    I think it is Certo. Certo is said to be a mild natural diuretic. With the extra amounts of water you drank and the certo, you may have been able to dilute your urine to the point of the THC not showing up. As far as whether it worked or not, you didn't say what kind of smoking history you have (how much each time, how often, what quality, last time, etc.) so right now more info is really needed. To dilute you really should be drinking about 48- 64 ounces of gatorade at once, then drinking more after every time you piss. Post some more info but you will probably be getting the results soon. You can really get the same effect just by drinking the right amount of water and gatorade without the certo. There is always a risk of being dilute and the certo adds to that risk since it is somewhat unpredictable and using water or gatorade alone can produce a more controlled outcome.

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