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    Ok i think i kinda discoverd something for myself, but im not sure if it is common knowledge. I setup a grow cab and have been growing for almost a month. I mixed in some Cool white bulbs with Warm glow bulbs and have noticed that the plants that I Have the warm glow bulbs on have grown almost twice as fast as the ones in the back. Even though there is almost twice as many lumens on the 47w bulbs as opposed to the 27W cool white bulbs. My plants always turn towards the cool white bulbs also, Is this just my imagination or is there a spectrum the white bulbs are emmiting that makes them superior to the warm glow bulbs. here is pic of the lights (old pic)

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    fastest tallest skinnest

    Fast plants are usualy MALES, but not always.
    If your seeds are from the same plant , that should be a starting ,base line. Light should be about 2-3 inches above the plant.
    Note with cpf you will need to change them out often as the lummend drops like a democrat pants at a conventioin.
    Try moving them around the box to prove which bulbs are doing the job. Now with red the plants will grow faster but longer internode distance cause they are reaching for the sky.
    Take a plant of the light and for the first few days it grows like hell to a small light, then dies.
    Ah the smell of growing pot in a house, gives it that homie feeling. till they start blooming.
    Note it takes about 35 watts per sq ft. so you need atleaset 4-6 more bulbs in that space.
    I usualy get bloomers 36...2.5 ft tall with with 360 watts of full service bulbs and ballast 4 footers.

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    plants grow faster with the 'cool' blue wavelengths, and flower best under the 'warm' red wavelengths ... while blue is not good for flowering, red is OK for vegging, too ... I use a sodium lamp (warm, red) from seed to harvest ... :smokin:
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    Your experiment is not really fair. For a comparison all things must be the same. For example two plants compared must be clones, or you will never really know for sure if the results were swayed by a runaway wierdo seed. Also, some were at the back of your grow. These are not growing under identical conditions to the ones at the front.
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    I find it very interesting how many people are thrilled with the results of fluorescent lighting through the vegitative stage, and say "see, you can grow with fluoros." You can use nearly any lighting for the veg stage and end up doing pretty well. I know you can flower with flouros and even get some good weed. But the yield is half or less than if you would have used HPS.

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