CFL's distance from plant?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by stormblast420, May 14, 2008.

  1. stormblast420

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    hey guys i had a question. I have one plant right now with two cfl's about 25 w each. should i have these right next to the plant? like an inch or 2 away? or would that burn them? also if i do have the lights too close wont the plant not grow to its right height?
    any help would be great.
  2. texas grass

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    you shouldnt burn until they start to touch the light for a long period of time

    so grow them up to the light but try not to touch the light,
  3. justanotherbozo

    justanotherbozo Registered

    try this dude ...

    LOL, put your hand up next to the light, when you get close enough so that it feels uncomfortably hot to you, then it's too close for the plants too. if it's tolerable for your skin, it's tolerable for the plants.

    welcome to the board and to growing, do yourself a favor and read the faq's, there is a shitload of info there from the very simple to the very advanced including many DIY projects. then explore the different forums and look for threads designated as 'sticky's', they've earned that designation by being full of helpful info.

    if you do that you will answer most of your basic questions yourself and in your own time, you will also earn some respect from the experienced growers here that help all us newbies. imagine, if you will, having to teach 100 people a day how to tie thier shoes and you can imagine how frustrating it might be. i'm not saying that you shouldn't ask questions either man, shit this is me answering one of your questions, i'm just saying that if you do some of your own research, you will ask better questions and get better answers.

    anyway, toke amongst yourselves

    peace, love, dope

    ps: don't take this the wrong way, i'm not judging or ranting, but merely suggesting
  4. stormblast420

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    no worries dude, thanks alot for helping. I will do some more research next time. But, thanks alot for the help anyways
  5. justanotherbozo

    justanotherbozo Registered

    really, don't take offense

    if i was being an ass i wouldn't have answered your question, i'd have just told you to read the faq
    i don't want you to be put off, really, at least your here and your trying.

    peace, love, dope
  6. killa12345

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    recently ive had the plants within 1/4 inch of a 26 cfl without burning so....I try to keep the biggest one about 1/2 inch from my cfl's
  7. anbesol

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    I Use T5 Fluoresents and i keep those 5-6 inches away. When I used CFL's I kept them around 3 and 4. Good Luck Bro!

    LITTLEANDI Registered+

    i use envirolites 125w cfls and i keep them about 3-4 inches away with no problems so i c no reason as to y 2x25w cfls could be kept a inch away to allow for the new growth to stretch for the light without touching the bulb but i would suggest a twice daily check just to make sure plant matter not touching

    happy growing

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