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    anyone with experience review. Also, did you use it through the whole grow or end of flowering or stop for a flush? It seems pricey so id like to hear some opinions on that product. & even a review of the high octane 3 pack !

    Also What is up sensi grow A & B, anything special or a must avoid?
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  2. Rusty Trichome

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    High-octane 3-pack...? Open Sesame, Beasty Bloomz, and Cha Ching...?

    I got Cha Ching a few of months ago, but am not convinced it increases trichomes...unless more nitrogen causes more trichomes, late-stage. I'm still a bit skittish about the stuff, so haven't really committed to it's use.

    It definatelly darkens the green in the plant, and bud tips start stretching. Then I harvest them. Likely I'm not letting them go long enough after starting to use it, but I usually have the next crop waiting, and need the growspace.

    Better planning (starting to use it sooner in the process) on my part would likely produce better results...but it comes in a cool-looking jar, lol.
    I definatelly wouldn't use early in flower, as they likely would stretch way too much, and delay the bulking-up process.

    I haven't tried the other two from the 3-pack.

    Don't know about the Advanced nutrients line except that it costs way too much. There's other quality nutes, both organic and chemo-organic brands that work great, without breaking your piggy-bank. (Botanicare, Fox Farms, General Hydroponics...)
  3. Rusty Trichome

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    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I have been starting the Cha Ching around the 6th week, and I usually harvest at week 8 or so. Perhaps I have been a bit cautious but when my grow catches back up with my usage, I'll try it a bit sooner. Like week 5 or so, and let 'em rip. That's not what the directions say, but I don't flower for 12 weeks, either.
    If all else fails...likely I'll have to plan way ahead, and try following the directions on at least one of 'em. :jointsmile:
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    rusty, your back I thought you were gonna blow us off! welcome back we missed you :D
  5. Rusty Trichome

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    Thanks veggii. I appreciate it.

    Was banned for a couple of days, but was told it was a computer glitch. :stoned:
    T'was good to get away, tho. Wife loved the extra 'us' time. :thumbsup:

    Anyone else use Cha Ching? I'm kinda curious what problems/results others have encountered with it.
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    the other two i own and love em go slow 1/4 strength first i chose to add ever third feed wit the super food open seseame,then beasti blooms work great in moderation...
  7. Jerry Garcia 2007

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    I am an avid user of FF products and I am completly dedicated to using it. I used other nutes and only ran into problems somewhere along the line until I started following the FF feeding chart and modified it to my grow length. Meaning the chart is for only 12 weeks from start to finish when my grows will go into 16 weeks at most.

    I highley recommend the 3 pack of granular nutes and using the entire line of FF products and follow the chart that comes with the 3 pack.

    If you want to see results go to my grow logs "2nd grow from cloans and THCB seeds" also my current grow "Jerry Garcia's Blue Widow, Blue Apollo, and mystery seeds from start to finish" I have logged all my feeding amounts and times in them. More so in the 2nd mentioned log.


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