chances of passing a drug test while pregnant.

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by justsaypoop07, Apr 30, 2010.

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    a few weeks ago i smoked on a tuesday and wednesday, id say i smoked maybe a bowels worth after that second time. well that friday i got drug tested. it was a urine test. i had just went to the bathroom before they called my name out (it was random) so i had to sit around and drink some water so id be able to go soon. here's the thing... at the time i was about 14 weeks pregnant. im wondering if anyone knows what my chances are of passing that drug test. before those 2 days it had probably been about a year since i smoked so theres obviously no pot in my system. ive heard its different when youre pregnant but i really have no idea. if anyone knows anything about it let me know. and if theres any other details needed just ask and ill tell. thanks.
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    Being pregnant shouldn't make a difference, they would use the same testing process. I would say that your screwed.. and possibly more ways than one. Failing the random may leave you jobless, but the fact that your pregnant may provoke certain people to seek legal charges against you for endangering the welfare of a child. Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but you asked for it.
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    the only way for them to bring any type of charges against me for failing a drug test while pregnant is with my consent. by law they cant do anything since it was a random drug test. im not going to lose a job, ill get in trouble and theyll out me through counseling which is no big deal. ive quit smoking anyways.

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