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    SWIM has a drug test a week from now and Is wondering his chances of passing. He's a heavy user who smokes $50-$100 of weed a week with 3-4 friends at a time.

    He quit smoking May 25th to prepare for his drug test, since then he's drank good amounts of water, worked out daily (cardio), drank vinegar, etc.

    He also plans to buy and take some niacin in the next couple days and take 500mg-750mg daily to help clear up his system.

    Do you think he will pass his drug test?
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    Why couldnt "SWIM" register here himself to ask this question?
    Posting in the third person is frowned upon in these parts.

    For starters, drinking water days before the test is of no help. THC is not water soluble like other types of drugs. It is fat soluble. THC is stored in the fat cells and remain there until the fat cells are burned for energy. When the fat cells burn, the THC metabolizes into THCA and gets released back into the bloodstream, filtered by the kidneys, and deposited in the bladder for the eventual exit. Drinking water only serves to dilute the THCA concentration that is present in the bladder. This phenomena is only temporary - once the fluids ingested had all been urinated out, a "dirty" donor would resume testing positive for THC. Therefore drinking fluids is only helpful on the day of the U/A.

    Exercise is helpful if you have weeks to prepare for the U/A. But if you have been testing yourself with a THC test kit and it still shows a positive with 3 days before the scheduled U/A, then all exercise should be stopped, and put your body into "storage mode" until after the U/A. That way you wont be releasing a bunch of THCA into the bloodstream, which will end up in the urine to be detected.

    Niacin is a myth. It does nothing to help rid the body of THC. The same goes with vinegar. Only time and exercise can rid the body of THC.
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    I may also add that dilution techniques can backfire if the THCA concentration in the bladder is too high. For most heavy smokers, it would be virtually impossible to dilute that concentration without overdiluting and sending up the red flags at the lab.
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    okay 5'8 230 lbs...i know: Big. but i smoked pretty heavy for a while. like 2 grams every few days. i have court on the 15th and havent smoked in about 2 weeks. i am pretty sure they are gonna want to do a piss test and am scared shitless. i drink a ton of water 4 or 5 or 8 bottles a day just depending. and i started working out. is there any chance i can pass that thing?! and are there things i need to do to help my chances? not the myths though, cuz this is serious shit! i cannot afford to fail this thing.
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    Did you even read the above posts? All your questions were answered right there.
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