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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by M10, Dec 4, 2005.

  1. M10

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    Right now I just started my 4th week of flowering. Currently the lights are on from 6am-6pm. However I was wondering if I could switch them to run from 7pm-7am? This way this will help keep them warmer since it's winter where I'm at.

    So which cycle would I have to miss? The light or dark? In other words will they have to be 24 hour light or 24 hour dark to get the time switched.

    Thanks for your help
  2. Trichome Creator

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    you will use 24/0 in the vegitative growth stage and when your plants begin to pre-sex you can change to 12/12. Or after your plants pre-sex you can let them grow larger then flower when you want to or the plants growth slows. Depending on what strain you are growing it will only reach a certain height anyway. Indicas are short Sativas are tall.
  3. M10

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    I have already sexed them. They are on the 4th week of flowering. But I was wondering if I could switch the times the lights are on, instead of being on from 6am-6pm I'm thinking on putting them on from 7pm-7am. In order to do this the light will have to be on from 6am-7am(nxt day) or off from 6pm-7pm(nxt day) so that will be either 24 on for a day or 24 off for a day.

    I would like to do this to keep them warm at night since it's winter here.
  4. Trichome Creator

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    I personally would'nt but I'm not sure if it would affect them with it bring just one hour. Personally I would'nt.
  5. cnd411

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    Both ways work fine.

    CANABIZNIS Registered+

    I have a similar question actully...Im about to start on 12/12, right now im on 18/6..My lights go on at 3am and go off at 9pm daily...when I switch to 12/12 can I go from 3am-9pm to 12am-12pm ??
  7. Trichome Creator

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    Yes. Three extra hours of light that night will not hurt.

    BOYZNUS Registered+

  9. latewood

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    make the switch like cnd411 said all at once and my personal preference is to extend the dark time, because the plants need their rest and thc production takes place in the would also be erring toward finish. I always feltlike it shocked the plants more to leave the light on foor 24 hrs. after having them so long in 12/12...
    one last note: you are almost there, even if the shock produces a few hermie seeds,
    it's not the end of the world. better to have them warm at night, if that is an issue...imho.lw
  10. Trichome Creator

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    Latewood not to argue but cannabis does not need a dark period during vegitative growth to rest from photosynthesis. I've used the 24/0 cycle for almost twelve years without one single problem. However 18/6 is a little easier on the power bill.

    CANABIZNIS Registered+

    Niice thanks for the input.. :thumbsup:
  12. BkSkillz

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    trichome creator i checked out the link ina different thread that took me to fox farms product page and i was wondering if those products hold true and true to therepage? any advice because im thinken bought checking out one of there dealershiplocations to get some nutrients formy grow?
  13. elcheapo

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    I agree with latewood.. extend the dark period to change your 12/12 cycle. If you have to change it turn it off at 6pm.. then don't start em up again till 7pm the following night.
    I started my grow on 18/6 from 6pm till 12pm, now changed to 14/10 6pm till 8am, about to go to 12/12 6pm till 6am. Its summer here, I work all day and don't have time to piss fart around with them during the day and its cooler at night to run the lights.
  14. M10

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    Thanks for everyone's relies..
  15. Zandor

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    I have changed light cycles in the middle of a cycle as well. 12/12 lights on in the day and then the temperature gets to high and you want the lights on in the night. You just run an extra dark period to switch them. It's that easy.

    Don't sweat the small stuff.
  16. amstron

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    I completely agree. Some top growers have even said that 24 hours of dark before flowering can help, although I dont know whether this is true and it wouldnt be relevant to you anyway seeing as your 4 weeks in
  17. Trichome Creator

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    I just use the Fox Farm Ocean Organic Potting Soil. It works great. I use General Hydroponics for my nutrient needs.

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