Discussion in 'North Carolina (NC)' started by U2Hobie, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. U2Hobie

    U2Hobie Banned

    hello is their anybody out there within 100miles
  2. U2Hobie

    U2Hobie Banned

    its been raining but its still dry as hell round here
  3. Escher

    Escher Registered+

    I live in charlotte nc
  4. thouragood jankins

    thouragood jankins Registered+

    i got a friend down there age 22 real good buddy of mine is your area code in the phone number 704?
  5. Junkdogg88

    Junkdogg88 Registered+

    im about 30 miles from rowan county..repping the 704
  6. peacepipe36

    peacepipe36 Registered

    what's up! I'm in High Point
  7. Exgear

    Exgear Registered

    I live in waxhaw, union county in the charlotte, nc area.
  8. S i k

    S i k Registered+

    im in raleigh/wake forest area
  9. normaltom03

    normaltom03 Registered

    I'm in N. Charlotte, new to the site - looking for like-minded friends who aren't afraid of hanging out with an old man with a twisted sense of humor.
  10. hemlockstones

    hemlockstones Registered+

    Right at the 100 mile line, north of g'boro.
  11. Oceandrive

    Oceandrive Registered

    Charlotte here too.
  12. Oceandrive

    Oceandrive Registered

    What's up? I'm in Charlotte and in a similar state of mind. Just thought I'd drop you a note and say Hi!

    If you're interested in communicating with a like minded guy, drop me a note.
  13. CUTigeRGirL

    CUTigeRGirL Registered+


    I am from Clemson! Anyone around here?
  14. Lamus

    Lamus Registered

    Hey OceanDrive! I thought I was the only one in town over 35 and still tokin'!! :)
  15. kindprincess

    kindprincess Registered+

    lol, you gys are a trip. not from your areas, but i'm bored and wanted to say hi to hemlock:)

    love, kp:p
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  16. Lamus

    Lamus Registered

    Waxhaw... home of Furniture Factory Outlet Man!!!

    Or actually, I guess, "formerly the home of..." as I don't think they're around anymore, are they? I miss their commercials. "If you buy anywhere else, you. Will. Pay. Too. Much!"
  17. Skilo885

    Skilo885 Registered

    I go to school here in Charlotte at UNCC...whats up?
  18. thouragood jankins

    thouragood jankins Registered+

    Im about 1 hour and 30 mins or 2 hours away from you. In va tho
  19. normaltom03

    normaltom03 Registered

    University City Guy

    I'm living in University City, looking for like-minded friends in the area, and you appear to be the closest. I had lunch with oceandrive a couple weeks ago - want to have a beer sometime?
  20. jboy

    jboy Registered+

    I work at the University,live nearby,may be able to assist.

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