Discussion in 'North Carolina (NC)' started by U2Hobie, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. aekdb

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    Yeah, Tom, im not sure what the point of a local forum would even know?
  2. FakeBoobsRule

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    Come on people, please read the rules and then interpret them correctly. We encourage people to use the local forums but with only a few rules to protect you and the board.

    1) Don't ask for a hook up in your post whether by using cleaver code to hinting around at it like does anyone know where I can find Mary to down and out asking if someone can get you any.

    2) Don't post your email address or worse your phone number.

    3) There are places on your profile to put your instant messanger service or id. So use that instead.

    Boom, boom, boom there you have the small little rules to observe when using the local forums.
  3. valetudo39

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    West of Charlotte in Kings Mountain but only a 30min drive out from Charlotte. Anyone around Shelby/Gastonia?
  4. Milkman450

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    I'm close to Gastonia...about 15 minutes. Always looking for like-minded ppl to hang girl and I just moved here a couple months ago and havn't met anyone we can chill with. Let me know!
  5. ledgrower

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    grow your own guys....
  6. bigchilla

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    So does any read these anymore?
  7. QcTreez

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    I do -

    Like minded folks hit up the IM
  8. Burnzee

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    New to Queen City

    What's up y'all? New to Charlotte...originally from NYC.
    Looking to connect with good people. Anyone around town?
  9. ceelopwv

    ceelopwv Registered

    im around and looking for some cool people to hang with
  10. jbs996

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    new to fayetteville, nc

    new to fayeteville, nc...moved down here from rhode island...lookin for some like minded people to get to know and jus hang out
  11. DanDan420

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    I'm from N Charlotte, I'm also looking for like minded people to hang out with.

  12. mrfeelgood

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    I am also from North Charlotte (University area) and am a student. I am always looking for nice, like minded individuals to hang with. Hit me up some time.:jointsmile:
  13. GoBanana

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    Hi guys. My friend just died. looking for new friend. wanna be my friend?

    looking for like minded individuals to become friends. :thumbsup:
  14. art-minded

    art-minded Registered

    Hey looking for friends in the charlotte area
  15. art-minded

    art-minded Registered

    Hey normal in in charlotte n looking for like mi did folks
  16. art-minded

    art-minded Registered

    Please help me find nuggets
  17. art-minded

    art-minded Registered

    Hey looking for friends to smoke with look me up just moved to charlotte
  18. blackeyedpinkiepie

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    How old lol
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  19. eagleusaf

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    Hey fellow 420 friend. I am north of Charlotte just under 100 miles. I am always look for fellow people who toke it up
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