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    So, I've only been smoking for 1 1/2 years but I have had a couple hits every night since then. I'm not complaining here by any means but am I the only 1 that can be messed up after only 1 or 2 hits? I mean its good for me due to the cost but I hear people tell 1st timers to start out with only taking a few hits and then stop. Even after taking a couple hits every night for over a year, I can still be GONE with 3 hits.
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    enjoy it, while it lasts
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    Weed is just getting stronger and stronger all the time. I used to smoke all day long during my teen years and never tap out. Nowadays, I'm good with only a couple rips off the bong every couple hours or so.
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    I would love if I could still get high off 1-3 hits :S2: I can smoke a whole blunt by myself I'd be high but I can remember when I couldn't even finish a blunt smoking with friends. I am 33 I been smoking sense I was 13 but in my 20's is when I started smoking everyday. :leafbanner:
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