check it out my avatar is my latest accomplishment

Discussion in 'Indica' started by kwh farms, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. kwh farms

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    hello everyone just thought you all might like to see my latest goal achieved 005.jpg
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  2. Shovelhandle

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    Ive run a strain I got from from Mr Nice Seeds Auctions called European Outdoors that put out leaves like that. 13-14 section leaves with a coule coming out from the middle. I use it for an avatar on some forums.
  3. The Widow White

    The Widow White Registered+ that's a fan leaf! LOL TWW
  4. gardenermendo

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    Very pretty. But what does it do to the growth of the overall plant? Does it make the plant too dense? How is the yield? Just curious.
  5. Egzoset

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    Lets say i won't regret passing by as i read no less than 14 leaves!

    Such vitality lasting until the final phase is over would be quite a treat, m'well... That must be an understatement actually!!


    I mean, i just lost my balance and my sunglasses with it... Oh my! Lets reset the rocking chair as the thought feels so, hummm... Oh!

    Destabilizing!... :eek: To say the least...

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  7. DZX

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    That is so nice! Post more pictures and some details
  8. Daisyl8dy

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  9. Jim Dean

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    And what do you call her?
  10. Smokingog

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    I read somewhere that the more fingers your leaves have the healthier the plant, no idea how much truth there is to this.
  11. Egzoset

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    Salutation SmokingOG,

    Maybe it's simply because leaves with 9+ fingers are significantly less frequent in a life cycle. I once seen 13 as i recall, i don't think that would have been possible if the plant didn't get enough light to grow those leaves early in its primordial life...

    Another similar idea would be that stems with the lower cotyledons have been pampered best.

    Good day, have fun!! :D
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  12. Shovelhandle

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    As I bought the seeds..."European Outdoor" Seventh generation from Switzerland. I have some seeds I made from the next two generations as well as a cross with Skywalker OG x Tahoe OG. I've not tried any of these yet. Probably should though.
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