cheese bud new strain.. smells like babyshit !

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by smokealot123, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. smokealot123

    smokealot123 Registered+

    this gets you wrecked, made me cry. it smells like babyshit.. has anyone ever saw/smoke or smell this bud before ? it's really sticky and good fucking gloobies of crystall wow.
  2. Innominate

    Innominate Registered

    If it smells like baby shit, I hope the after taste goes away.

    Sounds like good stuff.
  3. partcleguy

    partcleguy Registered+

    Seen it in high times before, wish I could get some...
  4. DaZeDShAdOw

    DaZeDShAdOw Registered+

    yea i also saw it in high times..........the crystals on that shit look amazing but the name just sort of throws it off in my opinion lmfao .......... cheese well w.e they wanted to call it i guess haha.

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  6. Metaphor

    Metaphor Registered+

    'it made me cry' thats some classic shit
  7. LIP

    LIP Banned

    I've had weed that smelt like a mixture of babyshit, rotting vegatation and vomit.

    I'm serious - it sounds disgusting but it was lovely. I've only had it once, in 2005 i think. I can remember it because it was around christmas. My cats ate 2 grams of it while i wasnt home.

    It was probably a differnt strain, but i certainly enjoyed it [the smells change when it's burned]

    Only downside was it was quite damp. :(
  8. sssp

    sssp Registered+

    people in the US need to grow CHEESE.. or at least try it!... Its SOOOO POTENT! Most enjoyable flavour of smoke aswell. 0.2g would get you stoned.
  9. flyingimam

    flyingimam Registered+

    in my area, that wont happen anytime soon, i hope it will, but i doubt it... northern lights and some random mixed strains + berry families are all that u can find popular around here

    and something that smells bad, wont sell, so it probably wont find a fan base anytime soon until some1 risk taking and daring pushes it on the market
  10. ScaryMissMary

    ScaryMissMary Registered+

    I saw it at a dispensary the other day in Los Angeles. It smelled horrible! The clerk said it was amazing stuff but the smell was just too much for me. I settled for a nice 8th of Green Crack.
  11. kshchrn831

    kshchrn831 Registered+

    the cheese i had smelled like rotted cheese, but once you broke into it, it reeked of blueberries. this cannabis strain is easily my favorite.

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  12. Grade A

    Grade A Registered+


    My boy had some about four weeks ago. It had the same smell to it. Similar to shit. Quite dense and milky crystal covered as well.
  13. allrollsin21

    allrollsin21 Registered+

    One of the most enjoyable things i discovered in Amsterdam was the CHEESE. Plates of it with bread and crackers after leaving the coffee shops. The Aged Goudas were my favorite. I like stinky cheese, I like stinky buds, not sure about buds stinking like cheese:wtf:
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  14. painretreat

    painretreat Registered+

    cheese bud new strain..smells like babyshit!

    Hey AR21: Nice to get a great laugh from U! Thanx.

    You need to try the cheese factories in Wisconsin--yum/yum!

    I have a few cheese seeds, now I will know what to expect, if I ever get it started outside! Getting too anxious and wish I had more space in my livng quarter. At least it is temp.! PR :Rasta:
  15. allrollsin21

    allrollsin21 Registered+


    I know what you mean by anxious from the prospect of outdoor. I am extra jumpy and on edge these days. The smell emanating from my property is ridiculous and the helicopter a month ago is still way too clear in my mind. We'll be moving after this outdoor season and i will then be stickin to the indoor.

    We are on the higher side of what would be a waste of time for LEO in terms of plant count. Completely legal, but nothing stops them from knocking DOWN the door.
    Good luck, choose wisely, and keep it positive!
  16. sttomassmoker

    sttomassmoker Registered+

    I don't know if I have ever had true "cheese" but often times here there is killer herb titled "cheese weed". Bright neon green, soft, covered in crystals, smells like cheetos.

    MMMM one hit stuff.
  17. cindiwaa

    cindiwaa Registered

    Never had it but my local clone store owner told me it will be probably be some of the dankest bud I will ever have. The store has yet to get some for me to try.
  18. VapedG13

    VapedG13 Registered+

    heres some swiss cheese:thumbsup:

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  19. jayfury

    jayfury Registered

    Its funny to see this thread poppin back up. Im pretty sure there was a BIG harvest of "The Cheese" recently in California. Everyone in Cali is talking about it. A friend of mine brought back some and hooked me up with a few buds of this stuff. It indeed smells like nothing Ive ever smoked. It has an aged cheese smell (but not a bad one cuz I hate aged cheeses)- its a smell that lets you know what your in for. Its almost like the smell of a Fruit/Cheese Platter.... Crazy right? TIGHT ass nugs, that are REALLY sticky and stinky. Looks alot like the pic above, except more orange looking and LOADED with crystals. All I can say is its true One Hit Wonder weed- it knocks you on your ass.
  20. MPLSweedman

    MPLSweedman Registered+

    my all time favorite strain is BLUE CHEESE

    2 summers ago it completely flooded minneapolis, havent seen it since in that quantity

    smelled like diarrhea tho

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