Chemical fungicides to stop powdery mildew

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    I need to develop an intake program for new clones to stop pm from taking hold in my new grow I'm thinking about a 16 day cycle starting with meltatox(group 5 fungicide) then four days later using eagle 20(group 3) then back to the meltatox then finishing with the eagle 20 this will be used on whatever clones I'm thinking about making a mom.....I'll upkeep the moms with that sodium bicarbonate spray and a final dose of seranade just before there put into flower....

    My only worries are if the fungicides are used very early on will there be chemicals present in the end product??
    Does anyone think I will have a problem with mold resistance after a while? I'm staggering between 2 different groups of fungicides to combat it but is there more I shoud do???

    I know a lot of people will say grow from seed or chemicals are bad but there are strains I really want and both of these products are supposedly safe to use up to the day of harvest
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    Meltatox, active ingredient is Dodemorph acetate, is NOT listed as a chemical for use on foods. It's specifically designed for use on ornamentals, i.e. roses. There are also some unusual warnings associated with this chemical.

    "After a re-evaluation of the fungicide dodemorph-acetate, Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA), under the authority of the Pest Control Products Act, is proposing to phase out the sale and use of dodemorph-acetate products in Canada." (12-18-2009)
    Dodemorph-Acetate - Proposed Re-evaluation Decision Document - PRVD2009-10 - Health Canada Consultation Document

    Eagle 20, active ingredient is Myclobutanil, is a PAN Bad Actor Chemical listing three skull and cross bones. This contains, among other scary things, a toxin that can mess with a gentleman's reproductive system. PAN Pesticide Database

    One must strongly weight whether using these fungicides on a crop indented for combustion and inhalation by the ill or infirm is the best solution.

    One must also consider what a patient will think when they read a series of words they can't begin to pronounce on the required labels, like myclobutanil, dodemorph acetate . . .


    Personally, I'd use a flame thrower on my plants before I'd consider applying the above chemicals to medicine I was giving to a loved one. However, if upon close inspection your clones are not obviously infested, a good quarantine period together with a well thought-out pest management prevention plan in place should suffice.
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    your plan is overkill for sure.

    one round of Eagle 20 in veg (ONLY) should do the job and hopefully clear before harvest. It is used on fruit trees meant for human consumption.

    this has been pretty heavily discussed on icmag, you may want to check this thread out.
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    For fungicide products used as part of a good pest prevention and maintenance program that are listed as acceptable with the OMRI (organic certification standards)
    Welcome to the Organic Materials Review Institute | Organic Materials Review Institute

    Oxidate (hydrogen dioxide)
    Stylet Oils
    Neem oils
    Sulfur based products
    A Sulfur burner

    Any of the above will work well with your clone quarantine program.

    If you don't have a good pest prevention / management program in place yet and develop an extreme PM infestation, you might consider two products not on the OMRI list, but are far less toxic than Eagle 20; they are Procure and Compass.
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    So you guys think there will still be fungicide left in the end product after it's been vegged for a few months turned into a mom then clones taken from that????

    ThAnks for that link copobo lots of good info in that thread
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    H and I am very anti chemical I've just s seen powdery mildew in almost every grow I've been to up here and I've even seen some in my backyard on some of the native weeds up here if I can use something strong to ensure I won't get it I'm going to use it as long as Its safe for the end user
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    Well, just make sure the end user knows the chemicals you used. (Assuming it's someone other than yourself!) That way he or she can make their own choice.
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    For Grapes the Eagle 20 use guide states "Do not apply within 14 days of harvest" on Page 11. They don't specify usage for Cannabis for some reason.

    I've got some on hand but haven't needed to use it. However, like you say PM is everywhere. Just got to be ready because sooner or later it will show up.

    GreenCure is another option, it's simple potassium bicarbonate. I think you could eat it on your cereal for breakfast to aid digestion :) {it includes a spreader too, so on second thought that might not be a good idea}

    There is a long thread on ICM about Eagle20:
    This Is How You Kill Powder Mildew Forever!!!!! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    No way I would use something like that once in flower, but it should be safe to use in veg. The instructions say you can use "up to day of harvest" on plums? I think I'm going to quit eating plums.
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    Eagle 20 Is incredibly dangerous when used on cannabis. The reason is when combusted myciobutallil the main active ingredient in eagle 20 releseses hydrogen cyanide, which is very dangerous. Eagle 20 is safe for edible consumption so its used on fruits and vegetables but is prohibited for used on tobacco for its health ricks. Eventhogh this pesticide is dangerous it was still widely used in the legal medical and recreational dispensaries throughout Colorado until the marijuana Enforcement Division recently officially banned the use of myciobutallil. The problem is that Eagle 20 is prized for its systemic strength on the distributors website, So if you ever used it on a mother plant you likely are poisoning yourself continually by flowering its clones. Actually a Colorado dispensary is currently facing a lawsuit for its use of Eagle 20 even before it was banned. Look at the law suit down below in uploaded file. Oh and while sprayed Eagle 20 has shown to be cancerous. So yeah don't use it no matter how effective it is for powder mildew, which is not great for your health but much less dangerous.

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    I would like to help if I may. I believe in simplicity. The whole trick is to make the environment inhospitable for mold growth. As Socommj said Potassium Bicarbonate. Simple fix. Powdery mold survives based on PH. Dip all clones in a solution of Green Cure. Mix it up, dip them. Problem solved. GUARANTEED. Like baking soda, potassium bicarbonate leaves a pH balance that wont let further PM growth. Natural. Guaranteed non toxic even safe in flower..washes off with water even if your super critical natural grower.

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