Chest Pain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by LonFFW, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. LonFFW

    LonFFW Registered

    my lungs started hurting a few days ago, they normally dont hurt only when I try to suck my chest in.
    Ive been smoking out of aluminum foil for the past 2 weeks and I rarely smoke ciggs could this be the reason?????
  2. lateralus

    lateralus Registered+

    Quit fuckin' with foil.
  3. IrkenInvader

    IrkenInvader Registered+

    yeah the aluminum is really bad to inhale. take a few days off and then get a bong if you can afford it.
  4. stankystank

    stankystank Registered+

    yesthe foil and the fact that your smoking weed
  5. RedRainDrop

    RedRainDrop Banned

    my lungs hurt when ive smoked alot of chron that week.
  6. LonFFW

    LonFFW Registered

    I thought foil is not harmful to your lungs, at least thats what everyone else says. ive been smoking out of the same foil for 2 weeks and the fire never light on it for more than 3 seconds with the weed on top
    what do you think anyone else experienced this???
  7. Fattie

    Fattie Registered+

    Smoking is bad for you.
  8. IrkenInvader

    IrkenInvader Registered+

    well i know that it's really bad to inhale aluminum, like really bad. I don't know about foil, but it seems to follow that it would also be bad for you to inhale.
  9. WhosGotTheHerb

    WhosGotTheHerb Registered+

    yeah foil is the worst. the first time ever i had my own weed i got it from a co-worker who gave it to me in exchange for staying extra hours and working his shift so he could go home. he told me to use foil since i was so inexperienced and obviously didn't own any pieces. let me tell you, foil is very ineffective, unless i was just stupid and doing it wrong.

    i would take everyone's advice and quit the foil. maybe cut back a little on smoking all together or try and get some meds for it.
  10. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    if u cant find a ratchet or some good steel long-term bowl, use cardboard. you'll have to keep replacing it but... at least u wont get altzimers. beileve me u dont want alztimers, my grandfather had it and he forgot how to walk, talk, eat, drink,... he died of starvation.
    bcuz my grandma refused to put him in a shelter
  11. WhosGotTheHerb

    WhosGotTheHerb Registered+

    Holy shit that is really sad :( I'm really sorry. My grandfather also had alzheimer's... what a depressing disease. If I ever get it I hope someone puts me out of my misery.

    can you get alzheimer's from smoking aluminum???
  12. LonFFW

    LonFFW Registered

    damn are yous serious. all the people i know use foil when no one else has a piece plus like i said the flame only light on it for couple of seconds with the bud on top of the foil etc.

    the only way the foil can be melted is by the burning cherry but i really dont think the temperature is high enough because I always put it out with my finger or lighter and its not really that hot.

    I bake cakes in the oven with foil on the bottom(500 degree) does that mean im gonna get athmize(sp?)??
    but this is only my guess what do you think
  13. IrkenInvader

    IrkenInvader Registered+

    no because when you bake the cake, you're simply eating off the foil, not inhaling it. I would just sacrifice the $10 to go out and buy a simple pipe, if only for the peace of mind. Why bother taking the risk?

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