Chewing stems?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Shmoe123, Nov 10, 2007.

  1. Shmoe123

    Shmoe123 Registered

    my friend told me that if u chew on the stems u get buzzed or if u just eat a bud without cooking it or anyhing u get high, is this true?whats your opinion
  2. Enemy of Real1ty

    Enemy of Real1ty Registered+

    Im not sure about the stems, but eating raw bud does work, though you have to eat quite a bit, and its hard to swallow
  3. Nochowderforyou

    Nochowderforyou Registered+

  4. Stumps

    Stumps Registered+

    i just chew on stems because it tastes like weed and it makes me looks like a B.A.

    But yeah, no. it wont even get you buzzed.
  5. Jesta

    Jesta Banned

    If you stick fresh nugs in your anus, you get buzzed too ;)

    Seriously though, I chew the stems sometimes because they taste good.
  6. snicklefritz1825

    snicklefritz1825 Registered+

    I give all my stems to my cockatiel. I think he gets high cause a little bit after he eats them he oes from being a screeching to chill and fluffy.
  7. WaZ

    WaZ Registered+

    Cannabis has to be 'activated' before it can have an impact on your body in the way you want. Also, stems typically contain far less psychoactive ingredients than the buds (try smoking a bowl of stem - you'll probably just get a headache). You can save your stems and brew a nice tea, etc.
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  8. Enemy of Real1ty

    Enemy of Real1ty Registered+

    It can be activated by the heat you produce, not as much, youd have to eat alot of it to get high.

    ~so blazed~
  9. MeGustaMota

    MeGustaMota Registered+

    Yeah I just chew the stems cause they taste good and like Stumps said, it makes me look like a bad ass.
  10. TheGanjaKing420

    TheGanjaKing420 Registered+

    Oh man, that is something I forgot all about doing. I used to always have my dealers/friends anyone who smoked save up all their stems for me cuz I loved chewing on them. I'd always be chewing on one. No, it won't get you buzzed, no matter how many you eat, it just the taste that I loved, and plus the fact they lasted for a really long time.

    And eating raw weed won't get you high either, I don't think. It has to be activated in some way....
  11. geonagual

    geonagual Banned

    I chew stems all the time. Whenever I am breaking up weed I stick the stems in my mouth..chew on them, then usually eat them..I do the same with seeds..if there are any.
  12. SantaClawz

    SantaClawz Registered+

    You can cook with stems, you need to grind em up properly along with your cuttings and stuff. They do have some thc to some degree and im sure it wouldnt hurt to add them in to make a tincture or sorts.
  13. TheDefiler

    TheDefiler Registered+

    I usually just grind everything up if I get schwagg. Stems, bud, and seeds all go through the grinder. I guess im just too lazy to pick em out.
  14. McLovin

    McLovin Registered+

    seeds too? thats fucking gross.
  15. TheDefiler

    TheDefiler Registered+

    Whatever dude, its all weed to me! If im gonna pay for the shit then u damn well bet im gonna smoke it, cause god know i don't have any use for the seeds cause i have no place to grow and no equipment to grow with. My poor ass can't afford no $150 lights, not to mention nutrients, pots and dirt, and a method of ventilation. So whatever man, I'm just putting everything to use because I paid for it.
  16. r0k

    r0k Registered+

    Erm, I'm going to share from personal experience that eating raw buds does, in fact, get you stoned. I was in my mates car in some parking lot, and we had just rolled a joint. We weren't really paying attention to much, until a cop was right behind the car, walking up with his flashlight aimed right at me. We were both panic stricken: my friend quickly threw the papers between his door and his seat. The cop was a good 3 feet away from me and I had no idea what to do with the joint, as it was just resting in my hands. I quickly ripped it up and threw it into my mouth (it was only some mids). I was choking quite a bit on it, so I got some water to sooth it down. We must have looked fairly suspicious just sitting there so he asked us to step out of the car. We were patted down and nothing was found. However, we had to go through some brutal lines of questioning. I was definitely buzzed.. They didn't notice, however, and they let us go. Then we went back to my place, and rolled 2 more joints :jointsmile:

    Case in point: you can get high off of eating raw marijuana, but not nearly as much as you would from smoking it.

    As for stems, I suppose if they too have THC on them, chewing enough might get you high but, I just chew them on occasion because they taste good :thumbsup:
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  17. dankkeeper

    dankkeeper Registered+

    Stems are only good so you can pick shit out of your teeth after a munch session.
  18. nightlight

    nightlight Banned

    i save my stems, and once i have about an ounces worth i make hash with the few trichomes that do cling.
  19. KomfortablyKnumb

    KomfortablyKnumb Registered+

    So you ate raw weed and were buzzin pretty much instantly, but it takes 40 minutes to an hour for brownies to kick in?
  20. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Banned

    lol, knumb makes a point....

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