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Discussion in 'Illinois (IL)' started by bonbon, May 5, 2004.

  1. bonbon

    bonbon Registered+

    born and raised in the windy city(the name is derived from the local windbag politicians)and i love it here,it's a tough place,but you develop a wisdom from the diversity and culture....bonbon

    chi town is my town....
  2. NowhereMan

    NowhereMan Registered+

    glad your here to represent for yours,

    have a nice bud

    and btw
    lost is not the word for where i already am
  3. OrangeSchism

    OrangeSchism Registered

    Hey dude!

    I grew up in the Joliet area. Spent a lot of time visiting the city through some 23 years I lived there. Downtown Chicago is one of my favorite places in the world. It's amazing how all the diversity is always so accepted universaly by the people there. And I'm sure I owe my entire perspective on life from that. Chi Town will always be my home town too.

    Although I now live in way south of Alabama. Hicksville it maybe... I see how I am a force that's bringing some of that wisdom gained and spreading it here. ;)
  4. bonbon

    bonbon Registered+

    Thanks NWM and OS,hope you fellas pay a visit here soon.You'll always be welcome guest in my home....bonbon
  5. mEfStEr

    mEfStEr Registered

    Bon Bon I too live in Chicago, I love it. Great places, great weed. :cool:
  6. bonbon

    bonbon Registered+

    Small world,Big city

    pleased to meet you my man,and the herb is spectacular also,great growers in chi-town,I bet it's that lake water that does it,dont you think so mEfStEr ?....bonbon
  7. StonerMom

    StonerMom Registered+

    Hey BonBon-I'm in Chi town too. Where u b?
  8. StonerMom

    StonerMom Registered+

    Have seen your handle on several sites. You here in Chi Town?? Me too.
  9. StonerMom

    StonerMom Registered+

    Hello Chicago

    Would love to hear from other Chicago people :p
  10. bonbon

    bonbon Registered+

    The south west side

    Hello there StonerMom,I live close to midway airport,And youself?....bonbon
  11. clevemire

    clevemire Registered+

    Hello everyone. I'm from the northern suburbs, near Gurnee. Been here a little over 2 years. This place does have some pretty good cheeba. :)
  12. luminant hombre

    luminant hombre Registered

    northside nugget hound seeks same

    Hi folks! I've been in Wrigleyville, Chicago for a year now and would love to meet some like-minded folks. I'm a little tired of the emphasis on sports and suds in this neighborhood...

    [this feels like a personal ad, but I want to make clear that I'm not a creep...]

    Anyway, I'm a 31 year old guy who lives with his fiancee. I work as a scientist but have balanced work and hazy play for a long time and would like to resume some of my old extra curricular activities.

    If you're friendly and kind ;) , let's meet up!

    cheers, LH
  13. big fat dummy

    big fat dummy Registered

    new to this board

    hey all, how's things? Bonbon, don't the planes scare you? Lived near 55th and Kedzie for a while, myself.

    anyhow, just trying to do the same as (apparently) everyone else on this board. can't seem to get a reliable source here -- lived in the mountains of VA for the past 10 years, lost the few connects i had while i was gone. it's hard for an over 40 stoner (especially one who looks like me!) to get a reliable source -- everyone is either paranoid, or they have shit bricks from mexico -- picked up some excellent kb's from someone from craigslist, of all places -- but the second bag was shit!! been relying on mail-order for the past 3 yrs, but sure would like a good local!

    Anyway, I know that noob's are always looked at suspiciously, so I won't press the issue, for now. been a regular @ marihemp for a while, met some interesting folks there (not under "big fat dummy", tho).

    Good luck all you seekers!! throw some my way, when you have a chance!
  14. big fat dummy

    big fat dummy Registered

    Hey BonBon -- that's what I'm thinking about. A 4x4 little grow room might suit me fine. I was thinking maybe shiva skunk from Sensi Seeds, but I have never done hydro, only dirt. If I Sea o Green them, how much area/plant do you think I should allow?

    Was at Bobaks just this weekend, picked up some steaks and sausage. MMMMM!
  15. bonbon

    bonbon Registered+

    hydro is easier than you think

    if you're thinking of using a 400WT,a 3x3 area will get max results,from seed you want one plant psf(9 plants)induce photoperiod when they are no more than 8",after you remove the males, judge which of the plants was the best(yeild,potentcy)and use it to get cuttings,you may have to regenerate veg growth,but the offspring tend to grow more compact,enabling you to grow more plants in the same size space,and save 1/3 of the overall growing time,you can theoreticly harvest up to 16 oz. every two months....bonbon
  16. bonbon

    bonbon Registered+

    right by the tracks(bobaks)

    they have excellent italian sausage for a polish meat market....bonbon
  17. big fat dummy

    big fat dummy Registered

    lots of youngsters on this site -- I'm thinking of 1000w MH, then HPS. since i've never done hydro, i'm thinking soil. any recs?
  18. mEfStEr

    mEfStEr Registered

    Yeah I live on the SouthSide.... But, I'm everywhere.... Mostly hang out on the NorthSide....Good - times, good people....Love it!
  19. clevemire

    clevemire Registered+

    I think I go to the city once every 3 months or so. The traffic is a nightmare at any time.

    Now that I think about it, I actually go to Milwaukee more often, seeing as how i'm pretty much equidistant from both cities... Mainly because I prefer The Rave to any of the venues in Chicago.
  20. birdman04

    birdman04 Registered

    im lookin to get some good shit from chicago. anyone want to send me a sample.

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