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Discussion in 'Illinois (IL)' started by bonbon, May 5, 2004.

  1. BuenoMota

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    bud is deffinetly good, just pricey. I'll see you later on DankStuff. Let's pick up an 1/8th:thumbsup:
  2. 2Dope

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    from what i've been told by a buddy of mine who used to live up in wisconsin, they have the best weed. "green i've never even heard of before" is what he said, anyone have any experience up in WiS?
  3. DE.Db33t

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    Dont go to brew and grow, their is a bomb place in niles called greenfield hydroponics. Cheap good reliable ;)

    and all the wis weed ive gotten has been so schwaggy i thought it was tobbaccy, we picked up an ounce for 70 then sold it for 50 eigths
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  4. 2Dope

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    if anyone has a connect in the chicagoland area, let me know.
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  5. BuenoMota

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    i belive it was 70 an 1/8th. hahaha. that was terrible.
  6. mrchanger

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    KNOCK KNOCK!! Calling all peeps from Chicago area

    Ok..there seem to be a lot of people form the Chicago area on this site. Maybe everyone from the area should identify themselves( I don't mean real names or anything:D) to this thread so everyone knows everyone? I tried finding as many as I could but gave up cuz 'twas too much work!! LOL I don't think there is a way to start a group here like on other sites?????
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  7. czxtvr

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    Where do you get the great weed from? I have been running into garbage lately....Can you help a fellow chicagoan out....It would be greatly appreciated....I'll even share a bud or two with you......

    Thanks, czxtvr
  8. czxtvr

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    Maybe that's not such a bad idea. Everyplace else seems to have a group..I think it will be great if we could all meet up to discuss various marijuan topics...Go ahead and give it a try. I'll help, just let me know what I can do......

  9. czxtvr

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    Send a shout out.....
  10. THCnXTC

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    This thread needs to be revived now that we're all getting cards, btw I agree with old post from 2004 the lake water is great. Quality PH-Up flows from the tap XD No hard water for my gals.
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  11. bonbon

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    I've been to several med dispensaries around town that supposedly stocked the finer quality med strains in the city, needless to say the product was less than stellar and quite disappointing for what they think is a fair price.
    poorly cured and sloppily trimmed, and some aren't even the strain types that they claim to be...not very encouraging to see the businesses get off to such a shady start.
  12. Buds Buddy

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    From the Chicago area myself. Calumet City, IL. to be exact. Sure as hell miss the rough & tumble lifestyle I grew up in. Moved to AZ. in 83 & married a girl who is a native of AZ. & just will not leave Hellizona. I call it that because it's always hot as hell & I hate this place. I want to move back home !!! I miss having 4 seasons instead of just 1 here in AZ. I miss houses that have basements. There are very, very few basement homes in AZ. & they cost a lot more. I miss you Chicago !!! Damn, just thinking about home brings a tear to my eye I love & miss it so much.
    I especially miss X-mas back home. Haven't seen snow since 1983. It's just not X-mas without snow to me.
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  13. bonbon

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    practically neighbors,
    i resided in midlothian & blue island, hyde park for about a decade...then i went back to streeterville, an if you do return...please consider the streeterville area.
    a bit high end, but if you can afford "Hellizona", you should be able to find a nice pad around here.
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  14. Buds Buddy

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    Yeah, it's cheaper to buy here. The cheapest rent (about a 1200 s.f. house) here will run you $1200 mo. rent unless you move to the ghetto. I pay $993.00 mo. to buy a 1250 s.f. house now valued at about $180 K. I remember the wages being slightly higher there & the cost of living about 25% less. Not sure how things are now. moved in 83. I've been to Blue Island & Midlothian in the past. Mainly went to the Jackson Park area to get my stuff though. That was a rough area for a white guy back then so not so sure I'd go there anymore. But I was well known because I dealt with the main supplier that everyone sold for & he let it be known not to mess with me because I made him lots of $$$. Use to go to Speedy's Bar on the So. Side. If you know anything about that place from the 70's & 80's it was owned & operated by the Herrera Family from CA. Use to pick up 30 lb. garbage bags full of weed there. That was a long time ago & I'm sure it's all changed by now.
    Only bad thing is almost everyone I hung out with back then is dead or in prison for pretty much the rest of their lives. My best friend of 20 years beat his parents to death with a hammer & 2 other friends did a murder for hire & got 86 years & 72 years. You might remember the Sharon Visnack story in Cal. City from the early 80's. The husband hired my 2 teenage friends to kill his wife so he could get the insurance money to buy a Harley. It was a brutal murder. They 4 pointed her to the bed. Duct taped her mouth & put a plastic bag over her head & let her suffocate to death slowly. They were only 13 & 16 years old when they did this. Dumb Asses !!!
    The husband only got 15 years for hiring them.
  15. Weezard

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    And you miss it?! :confused:

    Got no desire to return to Cleveland.
    No point in a HS reunion. All my Ohio contacts are dead or in prison. Very few managed to escape the "mistake on the lake".

    Drove through Chicago on the way to the coast. I remember seeing cop cars, lots of cop cars and grime.

    California was a dream. Until it got too crowded and expensive.
    Now I live on an Island with 11 climate zones. Any season I fancy is a short drive away all year round.
    Even winter. We had snow on the mountain here in August.
    The ocean temps run in the 80s and salt water is dense, so I float and I gloat.:cool:

  16. Buds Buddy

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    Sounds like Hawaii could be a fun place. I guess I just kind of think of it as a whole different country since it's not connected to the U.S. Only thing I really miss about Chicago is the 4 seasons, houses with basements, the lower cost of living & the higher wages & benefits (union companies there). There are good neighborhoods & bad just like anywhere else. It's just where I was born & raised so it will always be home to me.

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