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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by XmaxxX, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. XmaxxX

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    Hey guys!

    Recently I got a chicken in my backyard.
    Now this animal is a pooping machine! I heard that you can use the manure as a N rich fertilizer.
    Does anyone know how do I use/make the fertilizer out of the chicken poop?
    any info will be good
  2. stinkyattic

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    Chicken poop is REALLY high nitrogen fertilizer. It's not appropriate for an indoor grow, but start a compost heap and put your chicken poop on it. Every fall, turn your compost heap and take the bottom, most broken-down layer, and put it into your vegetable garden. Work it in well and let it sit over the winter.
    As a bonus, chickens' favorite food is crawling insects. Once your garden is growing well and the plants are too big to be trampled, your chicken will happily kill bugs for you and turn them into more poops.
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  3. XmaxxX

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    Thanks stinky!
    so no way to make a fast and useable fert for my indoor babies right?
    guess im just gonna let the chicken keep poopin on them veggis outside haha
  4. Plumber07

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    I keep chickens and use straw in their coop. All winter when I clean out their coop I spread out the straw over a growing area. I can either wet down the area and mix into my hard clay soil or wait for a good rain. This is changing the make up of my soil and adding food for the micro flora making my soil healthy and supporting larger animals such as earthworms. I also compost the straw all summer while the garden is planted and use it as mulch on plants and fruit trees. Wanna grow awesome bud? Tend your soil and make it the best it can be.
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