Chocolate Cheese x Blowfish (grown under electrical charge)

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by emilya, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. emilya

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    I call this one, "Grilled Cheese."
    She is from a special breeder's line via Santero. The F2 blowfish component of this strain is some of the strongest pot ever produced, reportedly psychedelic. Early tests show that this may indeed be the case after curing.

    She has been drying for 5 days and just hit the curing jar today. Smoking one of these bad boys this morning makes me very excited to see what a cure is going to do to her... I am expecting this to be one hit pot.
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  2. tangentweed

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    Oooh - very pretty.
    A one hit psychedelic bud would go a long way in this family..:D
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  3. Kush_Master

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  4. Buck Rogers420

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    Where do you plug it in? Where can I buy some of those seeds?
  5. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    The seeds are not available to buy, they are still being developed by the breeder and are only being grown by a few select people.

    I plugged it into a solar cell. You should try it sometime. Full results of my ongoing experiment can be found at:
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  6. Buck Rogers420

    Buck Rogers420 Registered+

    How much juice did you give her? Is this method supposed to make the THC stronger?
  7. emilya

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    rumor had it that electricity could make our weed produce more and better pot, faster. I have never liked rumor, so I set up a carefully controlled experiment. The first experiment showed significant positive results in all of the test parameters. We are now on phase II of the experiment, to prove the results in another carefully controlled flowering period with 3 plants having a charge out of 13. If these three plants can once again significantly outperform their sisters, across two different varieties of pot, we will have proven the effectiveness of a single little solar cell sitting in the middle of the plant.
    I gave her the juice of one solar cell, applied judiciously and only when the lights are on. That apparently was part of the magic that happened... the charge is removed during the night, so the microlife can act on what occurred during the charging time. Amazing things are being discovered, and I am working with a university professor to document and explain the results that we are seeing.
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  8. Buck Rogers420

    Buck Rogers420 Registered+

    I'm going to have to play with this IDEA
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