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Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by duckofdeath, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. duckofdeath

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    Hey when i first started smoking (94-96) the only pot that was around was Chocolate Thai. Man it was good! Smelled like chocolate, tasted like chocolate, and gave you the fiercest munchies. The high was mildly halucagenic. It made the world look very cartoony, and you would hear stuff, and sounds were amplfied. It was bright green buds with little or no red hairs. I've been reading and looking at seed banks but none seem to have this strain. Does anybody else remember this bud? Is it still around? I would love to see some pics and hear some stories if anybody has come across Chocolate Thai or knows what happened to this stuff!
  2. Killa.Kali

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    I picked some up not too long ago :) it is top5 in my book :D i LOOOOOVE it, its been basically mixed with other strains. Heres a pic of some that was ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY dilicious :D i only paid $10 a gram for it...I wish I had bought more because my dealer hasnt been able to get anymore since July :( It smelled kind of like that powdered chocolate milk mix, the taste was very mild but you could definitely taste the I miss that sooo much :(

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  3. duckofdeath

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    aaahhh......memories if only i had the seeds.....
  4. rajking86

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    Yo Killa Kali, that looks like a Westernized version of the REAL DEAL. I actually just went on my prolly millionth trip to thailand and here is actual Thai sativa it is wonDERFUL! Exactly the descriptions you gave.

    Note how different it looks than the regular KB look of buds you get in the West.

    Below is a pic of real thai weed. ppl who been to the far east know that the pot around there doesnt rely on its looks :rolleyes: to determine strength.

    They are one of the best buds I've smoked and I get BC buds every week.

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  5. jadeius

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    that looks like some GOOD SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my friends' mommy just died in a car wreck, and she used to smoke that shit back in the day before we were born....god bless her soul, i love her and miss her SO MUCH !!!!! please, everyone, pray to whomever that she rests in peace, she was the best pothead that ever existed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. duckofdeath

    duckofdeath Registered+

    wow great pics guys! too bad you cant burn one over the internet
  7. Killa.Kali

    Killa.Kali Registered+

    Ya most of the bud we get here isnt pure breed =\ usually hybrid or just watered down strains of the originals (except really high grade like Diesel and Skunk#1 and 2) I wish I could get my hands on some TRUE Choc. Thai but I dunno that thats ever gonna happen :( *punches wall*
  8. htownbigsam420

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    everyone's pics look like weed :( Hydro is the shit :(
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  9. MeatRulz

    MeatRulz Registered+

    i heard of chocalte chunk but never chocalte thai.
  10. Etrain

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  11. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

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    Lol couldnt you like throw chocolate mix on the bud or sometyhing? and it would make it taste and smell like chocolate? lol
  12. MeatRulz

    MeatRulz Registered+

    Thats what i was thinkin o yea and i clicked on ur fuckin link penguin damn u and ur 21 exp points.
  13. Killa.Kali

    Killa.Kali Registered+

    the flavor comes from the growing itself, chocolate powder burns and melts :p
  14. duckofdeath

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    Weed is like fine wine, it caries with it subtle flavors, aromas, tastes, and highs, you can actually cure your pot (put it in a jar to let the air ferment takes along time) which will bring out these flavors and aromas. Tastes great! and each strain is different
  15. duckofdeath

    duckofdeath Registered+

    Oh yeah forgot about terroir too, where it's grown, how, and the soil used also affects this
  16. Krisko

    Krisko Registered

    Damn that thai look good im still looking for it around my area and still aint found it, I got to grow it my self do any1 know a website I can get tha seeds from?
  17. DTRave420

    DTRave420 Registered+

    DNA Genetics has a strain called Chocolope...

    OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope-95%sativa / 5%indica

    It's also can be purchased (fem) although Rhino doesn't carry it yet...

    Chocolope is my next grow after I finish my OrangeBud...:420thought:
  18. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    Chocolate Thai, the real stuff imported from Thailand, is good but does not come close to the best Thai stick weed.
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  19. DTRave420

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    Yeah I hear ya Breukelen...The last time I smoked real Thai-weed was in 76 the first year I started smokin...It was $15 a stick and to this day ,I'll never forget the delicious taste of that smoke as it went through my nose...Best I ever smoked...:420thought:
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  20. GoddessHerb

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    I missed the boat on this one...

    I'm too young to have ever had the elusive Choclate Thai and I haven't yet made my way to Thailand but I have heard the lore and all I can say is I was born 20 years too late :(

    Most everything is some version of Dutch strains save for the pure Cali Hippy and Reeferman strains. I'd like to get some of the Ortega I've heard so much about :D mmmmm or even the Orange Velvet original that Ms. Jill from TGA has been working with lately.

    There definately have been some good things created in the last decade but nothing matches the old school strains of legend, or so I'm told :sadcrying IMHO most younger people wouldn't want to have those old school strains as they are more difficult to get dense unseeded buds and grow gigantic and don't do well indoors. It is a sad fact that in the west indoor is most popular and that has forever changed the cannabis we all have access to. Perhaps when it is legalized we can change this and once again the old school strains will be king or queen as it were. ;)

    Blessed be~

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