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Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by BanjoMoon, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. BanjoMoon

    BanjoMoon Registered+

    Hey everyone,

    I am fairly new to cannabis cultivation and I've only grown one plant and I have another on the way.

    Right now I'm growing AK48. After harvesting my first plant I realized that I didn't like the high very much.

    I really need help choosing a strain, there are just so many and I have no idea what to grow!

    This is for recreational use.

    Here are my criteria:
    -Really stoney
    -Mind-altering to the point where it's hard to get up (is that what couch lock is)
    -creativity sparking
    -long-lasting high
    -Big head high but also body high

    Is there a strain that will make me feel like that?

    The strains I have been considering are Trainwreck, Girl Scout Cookies, and Aurora Indica. But I can't decide!

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    I can't recommend Aurora Indica. All leaves, small buds, a waster of time.

    ...but, it is easy to grow & stays fairly short.
  3. redtails

    redtails Registered+

    I heard cookies can be finicky and the best phenos are low yielding as well. Trainwreck is a mostly sativa strain so it'll be harder to grow too. I'm currently starting my first round of ghost train haze, it's another strain that fits your criteria. So far it's going ok.
  4. Shovelhandle

    Shovelhandle Registered+

    those are some challenging strains. I'd recommend easier ones that produce well, easy to grow and short bloom time and good taste.

    Pure Afghan - DNA Genetics
    Afghani - Home grown Fantaseeds
    Black Domina - Sensi Seeds
    Original Afghani#1 - Seedsman Seeds
    Bubblegum - Serious Seeds
  5. BanjoMoon

    BanjoMoon Registered+

    I am not too worried about yield, as long as the harvest is high-quality.

    Would you reccommend ghost train haze?
  6. BanjoMoon

    BanjoMoon Registered+

    Good to know, thank you!
  7. BanjoMoon

    BanjoMoon Registered+

    What do you mean by challenging?

    And out of the ones you listed, which is best in your opinion?
  8. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    What strain was the first plant? (The one you didn't like.)

    It's out there. Finding it is half the fun! :dancing:
    For me, "creativity sparking" and "really stoney" are two sides of the same coin.

    Trainwreck is a pretty good choice, imo. As others have said, it can be a handful, if you're kinda new to growing. But, it ain't that bad. If you've successfully grown a couple plants, shouldn't be a problem.
    It stretches a bunch, and has flimsy stems that will break, if you don't give it plenty of support.
    Otherwise, it's a plant.
    Can't suggest much else, without knowing the plant you didn't like. :jointsmiley:
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  9. BanjoMoon

    BanjoMoon Registered+

    My first plant was an AK48.

    What kind of support would I need to use for Trainwreck?
  10. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    Oh, I was thinking it was 2 different plants. :oops:

    Anything that works. Bamboo, a screen, plant yo-yos, anything to take the weight off the stem.

    I'd suggest trying Bodhi's "Sunshine Daydream" or "Goji OG". ;)
    Most of the plants with the attributes you're looking for are going to take a good bit longer to grow than the AK48.
  11. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    anything with Northern Lights genetics is a good choice ..if you have good, strong light & plenty of height space.

    ...otherwise you're wasting time
  12. BanjoMoon

    BanjoMoon Registered+

    I'll check them out, thank you so much!
  13. BanjoMoon

    BanjoMoon Registered+

    Good to know, thank you.

    My 2nd AK48 is getting pretty tall for my grow box, it's coming right up to the light!

    As for my light I am using a 120 watt LED.
  14. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    I have two AK48 that just started flowering. One male (400 watt CMH), one female under 1000 watt MH.
    It's been on my bucket list a long time. o_O The male is going to be a daddy for several strains.

    I should know the results by Christmas.
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  15. BanjoMoon

    BanjoMoon Registered+

    That's great!

    It would be interesting to see how the plant looks when a more experienced grower (like you) is growing it.

    Do you have any pictures I could see?

    Also let me know what your harvest size is when they are done!
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  16. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    The AK48 female is in the green pot...if you can find it. :D

    The AK48 male is on the left; PPP male on the right.

    IMG_0510.JPG IMG_0511.JPG
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  17. BanjoMoon

    BanjoMoon Registered+

    Wow, looking good!

    I can only dream of having the resources to grow like you. Maybe someday!

    Anyways, good luck with your harvest!
  18. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    No need to start another thread, there are more then enough dead-ends around here. ;)
    Are you shopping seeds, or do you have access to cuts?
    IMO neither the GG4 or GSC is particularly devastating. Good, tasty weed. Not trippy, at all.
    I've been runnin' the GG4 for over a year.
    I'm unfamiliar with Belladonna.

    For "stoney" maybe try some of the strong OG variants out there. Face-Off OG, Fire OG.
    Tried LA Confidential? I remember that being an old standby, in my "stoney" days. :eyesroll:

    Zamaldelica is an excellent choice for a "trippy" strain. Your best bet for these kind of effects would seem to be the equatorial sativas. As far as seeds, Ace is the place. :D
    Many of these can be quite a handful, and will require extensive training in order to flower in your lil' tent.
    So far, the only strain I've experienced, that clicks all three of those boxes, is Malawi.
    Malawi... enter at your own risk. ;) Combined with a traditional African type of cure/fermentation, it gave me a ride like none other. If you choose that route, research " African cob cure". (Good Stuff)
    In a search like yours, you're probably gonna have to taste a lot of porridge, before you find one that's just right. :jointsmiley:
    Everybody's different, and the myriad of effects will vary from person to person. All anyone can offer you is generalizations and their experiences and hope that it translates into something useful to you, in real life.
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  19. BanjoMoon

    BanjoMoon Registered+

    I am going to be online shopping for seeds.

    I am thinking about ordering the seeds off of and I couldn't find any Face-Off OG or Fire OG. What about OG Kush? That seems to be a popular strain, would it deliver similar "stoney" effects as the strains you listed?

    What about the LSD strain? (Skunk #1 x Mazar) I've read that this weed has some "trippy" effects. Would it be a less of a handful than Zamaldelica? As for growing Zamaldelica, what sort of training do you mean?

    When searching for a strain I came across Malawi, but I was swayed off by warnings that it is very difficult to grow. It certainly is very tempting... but I am not sure if I have what it takes. Also I looked up the African cob cure, does that actually cure better than more modern jarring techniques?

    After hearing what you've said about GG4, I am leaning towards growing a strain that is classified as "trippy" and then one that is "stoney" (rather than finding one that delivers both). I'm not sure about taking on Malawi (yet) and Zamaldelica sounds pretty difficult too... so I am steering towards LSD (if recommended) and an "OG variant" whatever that may be.

    Your post was very helpful, thank you so much! :)
  20. EvilCartman

    EvilCartman Registered+

    I'm unfamiliar with the vendor, and leery of any seed without a "breeder" association. ;)
    DNA/Reserva Privada, Archive, Cali-Connection are breeders I've gotten some HQ examples from.

    LSD? <shrug> Never grown it. Gotta be easier than Zam, though. :D

    Training? Mainly, you're controlling the height of the plant, by steering it horizontally.



    Here's a Thai I attempted, without training. :eek:
    Can't recall how far along the first pic was, but I thought she was all set.
    Second pic is close to 20 weeks flowered.
    She's close to 22 weeks, now. (almost there) :D
    I've had to hack off about a foot of the growth near the light. No place for it to go. :(

    A screen or trellis to zig-zag the growth is helpful 'cause some of these girls never stop adding height.
    The plants get quite heavy, as well.

    Not better, different. o_O

    I can't quantify the difference. If I get ambitious, it might be interesting to have samples of the Thai analyzed to see if there are any glaring differences in the profiles. I'll be cobbing most of it.
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