christians and cannabis

Discussion in 'Spirituality' started by beginerbuddah, Jan 29, 2008.

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    Good Call
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    Psalm 104 God gave the herb of the field for the service of man ( A reward for taking care of His planet )GenesisGod created the herb of the field and He called it good ///// and here is a video about how it was used in the holy annointing oil in ancient times when it was called Kenah Bosam
    Our own bodies have what is called an Endo Cannabinoid system that produces TCH and Cannabinoids
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    Without THC receptors we wouldn't even get high and if we didn't get high what would be the use in useing it anyways and what kind of a reward would it be for the service of man ... Nobody would be useing it...........
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    When our government put it under the highest criminal offense , Our CIA started importing Cocaine to fund the Nicuraguan war the DEA was formed to grow our prison planet, putting hundreds of thousands in them and ruining lives a lot worse that cannabis ever would

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    when it hits the fan and it will ( God said that there will be caos such as the world has never seen befor ) and she won't even know what happened to her , her family , her friends , her neighbors ..... We've seen it happen in germany ... and her holy r than thou attitude won't do her a bit of good

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