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  1. sharpezor

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    Are there any Christians here?

    Well, I am Christian and there seems to be a lot of people on these boards who hardly know anything about Christianity. If you have any questions for me id be glad to give my best answer. Don't ask anything ignorant or stupid please.
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  2. Gumby

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    to you have to belive in the bible to be a christian?? I hope you dont tak this as a stupid question. It's just I was raised christian, so I started reading the bible, and at 15 I knew that it was too much of myth rather than truth and can't believe in the bible, so is there anyway of being a christian without it? Like have you read the dead sea scrolls? or heard of the books of Mary? Shit the catholic church didn't put it's spin on when it wrote the bible?
  3. Gumby

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    Oh ya, I've always wondered this too... if there was an ark, with all the animals in the world? And the bible gives the dimensions of the ark, something like 100 yards x 70 yards x 50 yards? Where did noah keep the dinosaurs? And why didn't they write about that? Oh ya and there are almost a half a million types of beatles... did they all get there own cage? And since they were on that thing for a year, and some animals don't live longer than a year, does that mean they breed them? And isn't that insest? That's a sin right? I'd think if we had a God that was smart enough to create this world he'd think of a better way to 'start over' than that don't you?
  4. mellow mood

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    i think there was a big bang before but long time ago humans didnt know that. so they invented a simple reason: god created earth. now we know the truth, but christians are like: no no, this was a "metaphore". but actually i guess when humans wrote bible they beleived in that to get an answer. if u read carefully bible your gonna see many stupid things that just dont work.
  5. JSTA

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    I never understood the devil. Why would someone be sent to hell and tortured for disobeying God. I mean, wouldn't the devil be like, "yea, thats cool, I don't like God either". That may sound dumb, but I never fully understood that.
  6. U4EUH

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    shit man read the fuckin bible and i mean the whole fuckin bible

    then come back an tell me you still christian
  7. mellow mood

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    lol i can alrdy tell you im not and i didnt even read the 1/100!!!! lol
  8. GHoSToKeR

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    wow! I've never even thought of that! Why WOULD the devil punish you for not believing in God? lol

    (Ima ask my mum tomorrow, or another religious person.. I can pretty much tell you what theyre going to say already, though.. it'll be something like "Well, the Bible says that Satan enjoys torturing people.. thats why he makes people do bad things")

    PS: Heres a fact for you: Satan doesnt make people do bad things, people do bad things out of their own free will.
  9. sharpezor

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    You have to accept Jesus into your heat to be Christian, and you have to accept that he is the lord god. If you ask for forgiveness, it will defiantly be given no matter what the sin.

    and also, dinosaurs where already extinct they didn’t need to go on the ark.
  10. Gumby

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    so why not live your life as you wish and on your death bed ask for forgiveness?? Why must you repent and practice anything?? Your religion is too biased and unwilling to change to work. It was a good idea and started with great intentions, but when it became involved with power and money it went down the shitter... and now that science is proving and discovering a lot of things unknown in biblical times unconformity is hindering christianity. But I'd wish you'd just think about what you believed before you believe it... other than that think what your heart wishes...
  11. stickygreenlightsabr

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    Ok, so theres about 100,000,000,000 stars in the average galaxy and about 100,000,000,000 galaxies in the known universe. This is a total of about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the universe. Let's say that there's intelliegent life in one out of every hundred billion stars... shit, at those odds I'll probably get hit by lightning while recovering from my shark attack at the pool first!

    With those odds, that means theres still another HUNDRED BILLION planets out there with intelligent life.

    Do you seriously think humans 2,000 years ago had any idea what they were talking about? Haha...
  12. mrdevious

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    a few questions....

    1. Did Adam and Eve's kids have sex with each other or their parents?

    2. Same goes for the critters on noa's ark.

    3. Why are we all so certain mary was a virgin just on her word? I mean if she was screwin around, it sounds like a good cover to me.

    4. Why would god even punish or reward us based on our actions? I mean if he's supposed to be all knowing and omnipitant and in control of everything, creater of all that is, isn't it his failing if we fuck up? (note: that was taken from Einstein, not mine).

    5. Should all those poor eastern folk, as well as anyone from 1 B.C. and down really be condemned to an eternity of agony because jesus never even TOLD them of the "true way"?

    and if you ask me, god's a buddhist :D
  13. GHoSToKeR

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    god's a rasta.. he was high when he made giraffes
  14. Gumby

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  15. Kid Dynamite

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    although i think itd be interesting to put your questions to some of those fundamentalists who take the bible as law.

    maybe the ark was like the tardis (sorry yanks)
  16. stickygreenlightsabr

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    You're right and wrong, the average star out there is smaller, redder, and cooler than our Sun but the average galaxy is a spiral galaxy, proportional to our own Milky Way. We are not an exception to the rule, we're a product of probability over the course of 14 billion years.

    We can make the odds of intelligent life to be on 1:1,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars and my point is still made.
  17. stickygreenlightsabr

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    That's true and there's also about the same number of galaxies as there are stars. So imagine that every grain of sand on Earth is a galaxy and every one of those grains then has as many stars as the grains of sand again... if that made sense. >_<
  18. Gumby

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    Oh i know i totally agree with you... the thing with the galaxies is that most don't have a set of rock planets and a set of gaseos planet... they are mainly, or all that we can see right now, are surrounded by larger planets made of gas, much like if Jupiter were to be were venus would be... the Keiper (sp) Belt is what makes our home a little different and gives us the protection we need for the more rockier planets.

    The new trend is to try and find moons that are more like the earth because they may last less time than a planet... if these planets are big enough, and far enough from the sun the moons should be habitibal, atleast for other forms of life.

    My professor at UF just found the largest sun in the galaxy to date, or is still in the process of mapping/writing about it. That to me is amazing...
  19. Gumby

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    sticky I didn't mean to nullify your argument... i agree... i just think that life is a little more precious than numbers... we're a real big mistake if you think about the world in astronomy.
  20. amsterdam

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    your professor is going to be an extremely rich man.the world will be waiting for his book.

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