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    I'm an agnostic, and I think quibbling over religion is a really stupid thing to do.
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    this was the coolest teacher i've had... he use to tell us about his telescope in chile and different part of the world and he'd talk about smoking alot... so I knew he just got really baked and look at the sky all night long. A dream job of mine. I don't think it'll be a book writing find, but it's a big one... he kinda let it slip one day and told us jokingly not to tell anyone. But I'm thinking it's been a year or so.

    and stedric, the only thing worse about quibbling about religion is quibbling about quibbling over religion, so go post on a different thread if you don't want to talk about it ok :)
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    that wii be a book deal for sure.
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    from what i can remember him saying... and i went high to that class all the time, was that it wasn't anything special in the sky but it was that way because it was so far away. It looked like an average star but when they tried to look at it specifically they realized that it was much further away but still as bright and big. But imagine if you were the guy who found the biggest thing ever, that's gotta just be cool in itself. I hope that he does get a book though, great guy
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    very cool!i
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    I am a Christian, but to me religion is a very personal thing. You are wasting your time if you think you can preach to others and they will understand your views automatically. This site is full of thousands of different people with many different view points, and you can't expect everyone to agree with your views. Just live your life for the Lord and don't push your views on anyone else. Everyone has different views and I respect and accept others for who they are. I personally don't take the Bible literally. To me, it is not so much a history book, as it is a guide book. Yes you are right, there are a lot of people who stereotype Christians and really know nothing about Christianity, but can you blame them for their ignorance? There so many different types of Christians out there and most people form stereotypes based on bad experiences. People get the wrong idea about Christianity, because it is warped now. Organized religion is what causes people to stray from the true meaning of it. Wheather it be Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. No religion starts out bad. It is man who corrupts it, yet we always like to blame the religion.
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    sawleaf you're the first and best christian i've met who has faith.... I admire you. I was a christian, but then stopped believing when i started questioning, but the fact that you believe that and are a christian is a great thing. I wish christianity was what you think it is... this world would be a better place.

    would i be a hyprocryte if I said that you should go around and preach what you believe and orginize a church around it... j/j
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    Wow thanks! I'm not the preaching type, so I'll pass on that. It's good to question things though. That's how you learn and form your own personal opinion on things. It's the acceptance without questioning that has caused organized religion to become corrupted. :)
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    Well, christianity, islam, buddhism, Taoism, judaiism (sp?) and many others are wonderfull things, but so long as the world is full of people who are ignorant, judgmental, and closed-minded, these faiths will never reach their full potential. This is why buddha was so adament about freeing yourself of ignorance and greed, they're two of the main causes of religions being bastardized.

    EDIT: ah, and thankyou sawleaf, that's what I was trying to get with buddha's view on ignorance, is that he discouraged blind faith in place of logical thinking. :)
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    well put sawleaf!
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    even if humans corrupts religion, its always ending with violence. the WORST AND WORST wars are bout religions. thats stupid. i think nobody can understand god. humans wrote a book abo ut god as if it was sooo simple. i dont wanna waste my time being in a religion created by humans. i guess there may be a superior force, but even there, im not sure. anyway i still fully respect any others opinions. but thats just mine :)
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    Sorry, I wasn't trying to start anything. I was trying to say that just because I'm non-christian doesn't mean I have any spite for the religion (just those who do awful things in its name). Could have phrased it better, my bad.
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    That's because we can't detect small rocky planets with even the best resolution. We can barely see small pertubations on different stars due to massive Jupiter like planets.

    Where are you getting this information?

    I'm not trying to debate, just curiosity. I happen to be a semester away from getting my B.S. in Astronomy.

    I don't agree that we are a mistake. Were just the result of an infinite amount of subatomic particles dancing around in space. 8)
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    Got anymore info? Location? Telescope and technique used? There have been NUMEROUS times where massive stars with over 100 solar masses have been discovered... later to be resolved as a binary system or simply bad data.

    I hate to hijack a Christina thread with science... but, oh well...
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    I get most of my info from things I have read or watched... ever since i've been young I've had a weird thing for space. It's a subject I enjoy learning about and seem to understand and can think about in a different manner.

    See, I think we are a mistake... because if you think about it we have evolved intelligently as humans for at most a few million years, and within the past 200 years have only discovered part of our own planet. If this universe is as old as I think it is there are billions and billions of years inwhich no evolution of intelligence occured, otherwise they would have millions of years to figure out how to travel through space. A challange humans figures out in a second compared to the life of the universe.

    I just think that if there was even another planet with life in our solar system the chances that they took the same evolutionary path as us and became intelligent is too unlikely. So one planet out of a solar system isn't that great. Yes I think there is life out there and it's probably on a large amount of planets and moons... but if it was as even as close to being as smart as we are I don't see how we could not have known of thier existance, or why they would not make sure we knew they existed.
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    no data he wouldn't let that slip... like i said it was just one day during class when it slipped what he had been working on... i guess it was on his mind. But it wasn't a binary star, and am sure it wasn't bad data. He sounded as if he had been watching and mapping it's movement and had it pretty well documented at the time.
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    ... Well put bro.. i am a Christian, but wasnt always...
    i struggled for years to give up cigaretts and booze and other harmfull substances, but it wasnt untill i repented of my sins and accepted Christ that i found a new strength to overcome my lower nature.. i can honestly say i have never been happier..
    i know where i am going when i die..
    i still gro and smoke my own, God created the herb so what man is to deny it - only the man against God and nature..
    I do not go in for all this American bullshit capitalist evangelism..Benny HIN and the like.. man they are evil.. Billy graham and Hin are both rumered to be hi up in the MASONS..and have strong connections with the whore of babylon -the Catholic church.. :(
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    That doesn't mean anything. Ever heard of the Thirty Years' War? Int he 17th century in Europe, there was widespread war and civil war because of mass conversions to protestantism. That's white Europeans killing white europeans, in the name of one brand of christianity against another... Shit happens in the name of religion all the time, but it doesn't mean the religion actually condones it.
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    Was your intention to link these actions with the philosophy of christianity?

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