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    The timeline that the bible allows for the human species is not scientifically possible. You cannot deny our evolution. Or deny any evolution at all, which is exactly what the bible does.

    I was raised a JW and I have read the whole bible, and it's a story.

    I think some people need religion but that for the most part it has done more harm then good.
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    Just wanted to say as well though that just because I do not believe in "God" in the sense christianity does, does not mean I am not a spiritual person.
    I believe God is energy. Everything is god.
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    I agree. God is in all of us, he's our conscience, our ability to reason, our ability to surpass ourselves, our potential. That's god.
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    :O I'm Christian!
    and high.
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    lol Dont stereotype the Christians Stereotype the Baptists there the ones into details
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    Wrong. If you actually read the Bible, you would find out that in Matthew 12:31 it says "Wherefore I say unto you, All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men: but the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven unto men." I have committed this blasphemy (by stating that the Holy Ghost does not exist), so if the Bible is true I am going to Hell no matter if I accept Jesus or what.

    And if you still believe in that Noah's Ark myth, please consider the following:
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    don't waste time posting scientific proof, ermitonto. It Science and Reason that creationists are trying to abolish anyway, so you're just wasting your time
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    Religion is fine but does not need to be preached to try and convince others.Theres a weird religious nut thats my partners boss believe me he is a fucking nutcase.Some of the rubbish that he comes home and tells me what this weirdo says is unbelievable.Oh yeah he gives the church 1/4 of his pay weekly or has to buy a big gift for jesus (like a new car) how ridiculous because we all know jesus aint getting in that car no matter how much they think its true.Some people are very sadly brainwashed by these stupid religions that started only about 100 yrs ago.This man hates i mean hates black people ??????????????????????? Dosent the lord love everyone regardless ? His kids arent allowed in school activities like sport or anything and if a woman wears makeup she is a heathen.Its just pathetic
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    yo dude i dont think noahs ark was on the grand scale you think. The bible acuatlly says that the known world was flooded and at that time the known world was very small. Today it would consist of the mediterianan countries and maybe some middle east countries. So there for the number of species acutally on noahs ark would be much smaller and dinosours would have been extinct by that time. You have to remeber when the bible was written it was written by men not by god. Its mans interpretation of the religon to teach other men about it. So maybe the bible is a story maybe its not its up to you to decide.
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    Why does everyone keep insisting dinosaurs are extinct.

    The only dino's that died out where the big monsters ;).

    The rest we call birds now......and lizards.

    I personally think that over 90% of the bible is quite literally made up just like the "legends of heracles" they've both got about 10% factual historical information and 90% imagination. I would say I know but then the fundies would come down and spaz, so instead I'll just think that the 99.999999% of evidence that states the bible is historically inaccurate is better than thinking the 0.000001% is immutable fact....

    But meh how can you argue with people who call theories unproven .....(an unproven "theory" is a hypothesis, remember everyone h y p o t h e s i s). If its a theory it stands up. Deal with it. If you think because gravity doesnt work 0.00001% the way we thought it would go ahead jump off something and believe your hardest in that 0.000001%. You'll find it surprising no matter how many times you do it.
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    i just had to do this

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    silly christians
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    with all my heart and soul i beleive in god and jesus
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    Melton420 has the lowest IQ
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    not for any particular reason. you know, just because...
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    You know, everyday, there are these duck-like (I can't remember there technical name, my girlfriend calls them geese, but they're not, my father said they were something like, emus, or something) things that swim in and will eat fish (or whatever) as the tides goes in/out, as I'm sitting here at, looking out my window. I feed them extra food and one time I gave them BBQ Potato Chips.

    excuse me

    anyway, they look exactly like a tiny dinosaur. Dinosaurs didn't go extinct, they got smaller. I'll take a picture, sometime.
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    so many christians

    too few lions
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    I was born and raised Roman Catholic. I went to Catholic school for 9 years and by year 8 I considered myself agnostic. I eventually only believed in karma.
    Recently, I have begun to believe again. There have been a few events in the last 2 weeks that make me want to believe. I can't call myself Christian again yet, but I might be on my way back.
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    I went to public school and, once a week, after school, the parishoners of St. Mary's Church would get bussed to their Catholic School for confirmation classes.

    All I can say is, you lucky duck.

    All those skirts.

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