Chronic Candy

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Wishville, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Wishville

    Wishville Registered+

    I went to ozzfest and there was surprisingly a lot of paraphernalia being sold. There was this guy selling "Chronic Candy". They were lolly pops that supposedly had weed in them. Has anyone else had these? I only had one so I didn't get high, however they did taste like weed.
  2. smokin dope

    smokin dope Registered+

    there not supposed to get you high moron, they do not contain THC. but there made to taste like some tastty nugs...and ya there very good!
  3. LifetimeSmoker

    LifetimeSmoker Registered+

    Some of the besy candy out...I have tried all their flavors and Blue Haze is great....So is there Ganja or Rasta whatever they changed its name to this week....
  4. Wishville

    Wishville Registered+

    well the sign said every lick is like taking a hit so sorry i got confused dick face.
  5. YouD0nt

    YouD0nt Banned

    Those soudn good :stoned:

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