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Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by slyfox339, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. slyfox339

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    Does anyone in NM suffer from Chronic Pain related to Back and Neck injuries.
    If so, can you please state which Cannabis strand has been the best for your chronic pain.

    Do all providers charge the same price for the same amount of Cannabis strands? Is the price set by the State does anyone know?

    THanks for any and all help.
  2. shmedy

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    From what I understand, strains rich in CBD are great for pain releif. This is a relativley new finding.
    Im not sure what strains are offered currently in NM.
  3. slyfox339

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    I am sorry I am new to this, what does CBD mean? How do you know if the strand that you buy has this CBD?
    Thanks fOR THE hELP
  4. Colodonmed

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    Best for my pain

    I find that green dragon works the best for my lumbar spine pain. I have 4 disks bad and I get good relief from the tincture. Also just heard about a balm made from the roots that sounds very promising, will be making some of that soon and will post back on it. Good luck in your quest for relief.
  5. shmedy

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    Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid found in cannabis.(Another cannabinoid is THC). A good dispensary SHOULD have their cannabis tested for percentage levels of these cannabinoids as well as tested for molds and other harmful stuff. Right now Im on the outside looking in on the NM medical cannabis scene so Im not sure if this is a common practice or not here in NM. Can any body here tell us if any NM dispensarys are having there medicine tested?

    So to help answer your original question I will ask around and do some research to try to find out what strains are known to have high % CBD. If im not mistaken there is a blueberry strain that has a high CBD percentage. But I will be back with some suggestions to look for.

    PS dont worry about asking questions thats what this place is supposed to be for.
  6. lovemyhens

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    i think the berry strain you are refering to is KUSHBERRY OG KUSH X BLUEBERRY.... theres a CALIFORNIA dispensiary that offers this medicine that is really high cbd (if i am not mistaken, it is probably the highest that has been tested so far). DNA offers this seed/strain, but i don't know if its comparable to the specific strain at the cali clinic. anyone else have more info on this strain? If i ever get my card and my personal production liscense i would love to try out this strain. *praying today is the day*

    I ALSO HERE JACK HERER is a great strain for pain as well...any info on that one?
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  7. slyfox339

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    green dragon

    Is green dragon the common name or this a Co name?
  8. lovemyhens

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    Green dragon is a tincture, from what I read in a google search...sounds like it may be very beneficial. Ihave been dealing with pain for 10 year, I am so ready to try new treatments.

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  10. medical420mama

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    I suffer from chronic pain Mainly a headache for 2 years and 2 months followed with uncontrollable random muscles spasms and, severe nausea, and widespread pain. What i like to say is that i am perfectly healthy mess. Every single test or treatment came back completely normal i am perfectly healthy but then again im not. I have tried quiet a few strains some will work for one problem but not all. So far the one that i have found to work the best is Maple Berry. I dont know anything about it other then it is helping with the pain. I still havent found one to help with pain and nausea at the same time. Train wreck for me was horrible i seriously felt like i was hit by a train. I didnt think my pain could get any worse until i smoked that. So i am not a fan of train wreck. I plan on trying some lemon sour diesel tomorrow so i will update tomorrow after i have given that a good run.
  11. slyfox339

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    Thanks for the information

    Thanks for your imput, I am going to keep Maple Berry in mind and maybe I will try it first and see if it will help me.
  12. lovemyhens

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    there is some smoke that made my pain worse! i thought i was crazy, but it happens more with the mexican dirt weed. i rarely see high grade around these parts. I also hope to find the right one for my pain.
  13. medical420mama

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    Its really funny you say that becasue the mexican dirt weed worked great for me and i used to be able to find it whenever i needed it but my guy got out of the game and now i cant find it. So far the trainwreck is the only thing that has done that. At first i thought i was just having a bad day i didnt think the weed could cause more pain, but i tried it again a few days later after the pain went back down to tolerable levels and within 10 minutes i was in excruciating pain again untill i tried the maple berry which took it all away again.
  14. shmedy

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    Ive been looking for high CBD strains for ya and havent came across to many. One name I have heard quite often is Romulan. I will keep my eyes open for ya. High CBD strains are not that popular yet because for years people have been breeding for THC. I think in the years to come we will see a lot more high CBD strains. I hope you find something that works for your pain before that!

    The last time my friend talked me into trying some mexican dirt it just gave me a headache. Buy American. Dont support the murdeous cartels.
  15. MadSativa

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    high CBD

    their are many here are 2 off the top of my head, both very good and also high in THC, with super lemon haze being one of the highest in THC in the whole community. if your looking for those strains that don't get you high I am not to sure about that your still gonna feel some effects of herb which are good effects, happiness, munchies, and rest. Lol if one calls those side effects then what is normal sleep, normal happiness, and when we eat wouldn't that be side effect of living? what ever but heres some high CBD strains their are many more if you go to attitude seeds or Dr chronics seeds they have the strain and THC, CBD levels right on them so you can get a base line

    White Rhino, Super Lemon Haze, Jack Herrer

    one thing I have notice is some of these strains higher in CBD are sativa, which Mexican shwag is usually a sativa strain, maybe sativa can produce this CBD cause of the longer flowering times. I also know that if left to amber more or leaving the plant mature a little more than normal can also produce higher CBD levels in product, a possibility is that CBD is produced later in the stage of the plant
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  16. GetThisOrDie

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    I also suffer from chronic pain. Try looking for more indica dominant strains. 100% indicas have been the best for my pain. Afghan Kush specifically took away all my pain for a good while.

    So look for indica dominant and if you grow your own let the trichs turn more amber before harvest like madsativa said.
  17. scottybud

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    If the starter of this thread is still seeking a high cbd strain in NM, you are probably out of luck. For info on cbd, go to projectcbd. They have a great site with all the info you need about cbd. I believe high cbd strains will be the answer to my chronic pain issues. High cbd strains are available in Ca and Co. The only ones available in seed now are Rock Bud and Cannatonic, though many more will be available before long. Your best choices for pain from NM dispensaries are probably Maple Berry, Romulan, White Rhino, and Mazar. I wish you the best.

  18. StonerCasper

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    ok it looks like you haven't tried or even heard of GRASS ROOTS RX? Well Blackie (the grower) is growing in my opinion some of the best meds around if not "THE BEST". He is breeding to try and get the highest cbd's ratio and thc ratio in his cannabis. I can give you names but I wouldn't be sure if those were the one high in CBDs but all you got to do is call them and Toni will be happy to assist you in finding the best meds for you. All you got to do is ask them what is high in CBD and helps with sever pain. :cool:
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    Good advice.Green Dragon is great for pain.
  20. ManOBuds

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    Great av pic!

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