chronic user detox time??

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by JF2oo6, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. JF2oo6

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    i read that a chronic user can test clean in as little as ten days of being clean. anyone know if theres any truth to this?

    i smoked for a year straight about 3-5 blunts a day. i have been clean for 6 days now. i dont have any tests comin up just want to get clean so i can find myself a good job. anyone have any good suggestions of a diet i can follow to speed up the detox process? i dont wanna buy anything cuz thats just gonna be a waste of my money. just tryin to clean up fast as i can the natural way.
  2. Samwhore

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    in a heavy user, they can detect cannabis up to 60 days, just drink lots of water and exercise if you can,
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  3. thecreator

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    sweat it out

    I actually agree with Samwhore? Layer up and sweat it out man. Thats what I do every now and then.
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  4. GotWake88

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    According to NORML, the average detox time for chronic users(on the 50 ng/ml test) is no more than ten days, and 2-3 days for occasional users. On the lower cutoff, it shouldn't be more than 20 days for a chronic user. This is according to the NORML article "Marijuana Detection Times Shorter Than Previously Assumed"(Feb 2006).

    I'm not entirely sure about it, but I trust NORML a hell of a lot more than the DEA.
  5. Samwhore

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    everyone agrees with me, whoever doesnt suffers eternal damnation in the firey inferno :S2:
  6. dawninthemorning

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    NORML is partially right. For a person that has a high metabolism, it can be out of your system in that short of amount of time, but since it is stored in fat cells the amount of time that it can take to get out of a person's body is different for everyone. Buy some home test kits and start testing yourself after 20 days. Excersing will help clean your system out faster since you are burning fat. If you can't wait that long buy some quick fix (synthetic urine) and substitute. is where you can buy it.

    good luck
  7. JF2oo6

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    well i do have a pretty high metabolism and i have been gettin to the gym and lifting followed by some running. I have been clean for 7 days now. ill start testing myself after 10 days just to see. but i would be really surprised if i tested clean. i did a lot of smokin in the past year. lol
  8. jpbc99

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    I read on labcorps website, it s a pdf format, that a chronic user [once a day] can be detected up to ten days. A heavy heavy user, or multiple times a day can be a lot longer.

    I wouldnt feel to comfortable. That is probably i abit misleading. lemmi get the link. its a cool page anyway.

    wow i found it again.

    that is a cool page its pdf so make sure u can view it.

  9. Zholtiisun19

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    I Hadnt smoked for about two months then started again for the last two weeks i slipped up. I have to piss this thursday and i cant be hot? is there any dtox that actually works like the six hour drink things or stuff like that?
  10. jpbc99

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    Those drinks have a major theme involved. They have lots of creatine, carbs and a vitamin B supercomplex. If you check up the stickies you will see free instructions on dilution. That is the next thing in commen with them all, they tell you to guzzel lots of water. Check the stickies out. They are uber useful info.

    If it makes you feel safer, go out and buy the drinks or pills. But, that stuff is all marketing and no or little science. If you do buy a drink, the one to avoid is strip nc. I heard of some people getting puking shitting fits from that stuff. And it is more a colon flush than anything.

    Check the stickies out and, in this post there is a link I listed, look that up.

    All you can really do is hope for the best, unless substitution is an option, me though i'd rather go on record for failing that get cought subbing. Some folks failing is not an option. So use your discretion. You might wanna give some more info about your build. Even with that though, your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not you will pass.

    ps if you chose dilution, be realistic. You can drink to much water, not safe at all. You might wanna use gatorade instead of pure water.

  11. FakeBoobsRule

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    NORML should stick to legalization efforts. Their drug testing info is not always correct. Some people can be clean in just a few days, others may take 60 days to get clean. THC half life elimination varies greatly from person to person. It can range from 0.8 days to 10 days. Obviously your smoking history is also important (how much, how often, how long, quality, etc) as well as body type and activity level. best thing, get a home test.
  12. radtek

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    Haha my first post everybody...

    Get yourself some cheap testing strips from an online vendor; and here's just one example:

    I've been vaping everyday for the past year to help with my GERD... and I like the effects too LOL!

    Even though the amount consumed is normally small I still test positive in the AM after 7 days. However on the sixth day (yesterday) in the afternoon I got that magic double line! And today's PM too! Ive done this three weeks in a row just smoking lightly on weekends just to prove it to myself.

    I'm 50# overweight and sedentary. I consider myself to be a chronic smoker. Now I know how my body handles excreting THC on a day to day basis given my consumption levels.

    Not surprisingly most UA's are scheduled for the AM. If you can't plead it away for the afternoon then get up super early (5-6-7 hours before) and drink a shitload of water. I'd recommend ceasing consumption for a week+ too. And- usually the "lab" will screen you first with a cheap strip test since an actual UA is expensive. If you fail the screen then it goes to more precise testing.

    The test strips are super cheap and if your profession or freedom is on the line etc... it's well worth it to just know.
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    Wanted to share that it is perhaps unlikely to be completely clean in 10 days considering your heavy use, but passing a test would be possible with the right products if you get a job and they require it. In any case you could check out this website which is the best I've found on this topic and just follow the natural tips provided early on the page. Free and effective I'd say. And I just noticed how old this was lol.. but maybe some1 else will find it of use

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