cigarette tea as a pesticide

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by ronjohn420, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. ronjohn420

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    ok so i was reading about tobacco and came across that many years ago people would make a organic pesticide with tobacco and water by boiling it and straining it because bugs will eat tobacco and do not like it...

    would this work for mj??

    it may not sound that great but it beats commercial poisons

  2. Smoketobehappy

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    Chemical pesticides are more of a poison to the environment then the plant itself, if the opposite was true there would be no point in buying them. Chemical pesticides are bought because they're very effected and cheaper because they're easier to make in large quantities.

    I've heard smoking cigarettes around cannabis actually poisons them so I really wouldn't suggest using a cigarette tea. Not to mention, there's tons of strange chemicals in cigarette tobacco which aren't present in rolling tobacco or other more natural tobaccos.
  3. TruePyroman

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    if you were to give it a try, I would agree with smoketobehappy, go get the cleanest leaf tobacco you can find and use that, cigarettes are full of nasty shat.
  4. southcac420

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    It works... A friend of mine used it around his outdoor plants (not mj) he simply took the rain water that had collected in my butt bucket (it was black and gross) and filtered it and diluted it with some clean water....
  5. DreadedHermie

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    Nicotine IS available as a commercial poison.

    It's popular for greenhouse fumigation. Pretty toxic stuff.

    There are better choices for cannabis, depending on what your pests are.

    Playing around with soggy butts sounds like a smelly mess, with poor control over dilution/concentration. And the additives to commercially grown tobacco are far from "organic" and include some pretty impressive toxins themselves.

    I'd pass on this.

  6. oldmac

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    I usually don't meddle in the organic growing section, I happen to be a devout believer in "better living thru chemistry", but the idea of using cigarette tea around mj made me have to say something here.

    Tobacco is blessed with a plant disease called "tobacco mosaic virus" that can be spread to other plants, such as cucummbers (same family solanacae as tobacco) tomatoes and a bunch of other plants including marijuanna. This is why you should never smoke tobacco products in your grow area.

    Since this disease is viral, there is no known cure once it takes hold of your plants. If the plants are very young you could kill them, if infected later in life it can cause stunting of growth and flower production will suffer big time. So besides the nasty chemicals found in cigarettes there lurks the potential for TMV, this is not good.:(
  7. mainegrown

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    i had always thought that the CO2 produced by smoking would be good for the gurls but now that it has been brought to my attention i will stop with all that..
    now for a question what about the citronella candels that repel pest outdoors?? would those be bad too?
  8. lampost

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    That is a damn good idea man!

    I wonder if these can be used to repel pests like spider mites and funges gnats enough to keep them away. Maybe you could burn it for several hours every few days of something like that.

    I'm really interested in this as it'd be a great organic solution... anyone have any info on this?
  9. Healthyherb

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    Don't mix

    Absolutly do not mix anything from cig tobacco with cannabis...BAD NEWS!!!

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