Cinnamon keeps ants out?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by WynOSmokeZ, May 5, 2007.

  1. WynOSmokeZ

    WynOSmokeZ Registered+

    I just read that cinnamon repels ants in the garden, anyone ever try this? Just put some down on my corn that I'm growin to test it out cause it had some red ants takin from my soil. I just simply sprinkled it on the top of the soil, and watered it. Anyone know how to get rid of these pesty colonies another way?
  2. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Ground cinnamon yes, at our house we have ants and it worked there and I put it in my room and it worked great. Ant traps work too. Those little green ant traps with the holes that you bend down with a key or something, those work really great. Used three of them and haven't seen an ant since.
  3. WynOSmokeZ

    WynOSmokeZ Registered+

    What if i mixed some cinnamon into soil then transplanted my plant into the ground with the cinnamon soil? My biggest fear is transplanting into ground and having these ants take my hard work into their own hands, cause theres a shit load of em around. How bout boric acid? I just dont wanna kill my plants. Write back I need your help.
  4. WynOSmokeZ

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    Orangeman, I used these ant bait traps, but they dont seem to work on these red ants, only the smaller black ones. Seems like these red ants dont like things that are sweet so they don't touch the bait.
  5. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    I don't have red ants.
  6. WynOSmokeZ

    WynOSmokeZ Registered+

    Don't stop there, still need some tips from yall.
  7. Storm Crow

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    Indoors, if the little buggers are coming in- find the spot they are entering and plug it with any brand of white mint toothpaste! The detergent in it upsets their tummies, they hate mint, and the abrasive does a job on their jaws! They absolutely will NOT chew through it!

    Outdoors, folks used to plant pennyroyal, a member of the mint family by their doors to discourage ants from entering. Any large nursery should have it with the herbs. Lastly, gather up all those cigarette butts and make some nasty "tea". Pour it down the ant hole. Sends them into convulsions!- Granny:hippy:
  8. WynOSmokeZ

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    Well, I'm not growing indoors, I'm growing outdoors. And to be perfectly honest, there could be a lot of ant hills cause the place im growing at is like a field that hasn't been taken care of. Dried grass, a lotta dirt, hardly any green. So u can imagine any pest around there would want a taste of the only green thing around. So i'm just lookin for something thats gonna draw them away from the grow. Maybe putting a ring around the plant of that white mint toothepaste would think? Or would they simply just go under it LOL. Please write back.....anyone
  9. reality0

    reality0 Banned

    very interested... anyone know if that would actually work?
  10. WynOSmokeZ

    WynOSmokeZ Registered+

    im still wondering myself
  11. tandream

    tandream Registered

    are ants always a problem, only I watch them run up and down mine and they take the black and greenfly away?
  12. highguyinny

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    I'll have to try this out if I end up having any pest problems, but I doubt I will seeing as how I will be growing on a second/third floor balcony of a condo complex.

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