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Discussion in 'New Mexico (NM)' started by crazybarfighter, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. crazybarfighter

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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently going through the process of obtaining a medical cannabis card (going through brief relief in Abq :cool: ), at the same time I am also being offered a job working for the Las Cruces city (I already pass the initial drug test). I am wondering if I need to worry about being drug tested and possible loosing my job? Will they accept medical cannabis as a legitimate drug?

    P.S I'm going through brief relief (NM Brief Relief) for my card, has anyone had good luck with them? They seem really nice...

    Thanks for any input I appreciate it.
  2. DTRave420

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    FCK man,I wish ya the best of luck. In NYC which is presently labeled as liberal and progressive,I saw my buddy Joe lose his sanitation job for coming up dirty for cocaine on a random test. He bounced back and is now with the electricians fixing elevators...

    One of my favorite things about being in the trades,(31 1/2 years,28 with a book),was no drug tests,criminal backgrounds,etc. Best bet is if the guy follows you into the bathroom. Headbutt him or use a taser and stick his head into the toilet while assuring him how clean you are and what will happen if he ever tests you again,lol...(joke) ;)

    Some choices are very FKN hard. Wive's and kids can make those choices easier. Whether you're able to toke or if you have to stick to the bars,I wish ya the best of luck with everything...
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  3. crazybarfighter

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    I'm glad your friend Joe was able to bounce back :cool: . I work in the IT industry so I am rarely tested believe or not :thumbsup: This is my first government job so I have no idea what to expect.

    Thanks DTRave420 I appreciate your support at least and the joke :) !
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  4. raymont

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    I'm not from NM first of all but it is general knowledge that government jobs DO NOT ALLOW FOR LEGAL USE. Actually Ive never heard of any employer allowing anything for legal MJ patients.
  5. crazybarfighter

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    Cool, well I was thinking I would have to be discrete and carry something on me at all times. Just in case I get one of those "random" drug tests. I appreciate your input raymont, thank you!

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