Classic I gotta pass a drug test [in 12 days]

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by lynziloo21, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. lynziloo21

    lynziloo21 Registered

    Have my 1st drug test ever on July 7th.
    Been clean two days now. I've been drinking
    water and exercising. I plan on taking some
    kind of B or multi-vitamin 2-4 hrs before my
    test because I believe diluting is my only
    chance. Testing for a hospital so I'm
    getting a physical which lessens my chance
    of synthetic piss. Also going to buy some
    home drug kits to make sure I'm clean. Am
    I going about this the right way??? Anyone
    have some advice for me???:hippy:
  2. HERBistheWORD

    HERBistheWORD Registered

    all the advice i could say is eat normal so your creatine level is in range (red meat is a good source of creatine) because if you dont you could end up with a negative-dillution and have to re-test like i had to see if your physical and dt are on the same day
  3. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    I would pickup some synthetic urine and have on hand just in case.
    Eat a high fiber diet,metamucil,exercise and then stop exercising a couple days before the UA.
  4. lynziloo21

    lynziloo21 Registered

    Thanks for ya'lls advice!

    I was thinkin about
    gettin some niacin (flush free).
    I guess that is also a hit
    or miss.... I have been a stoner
    since I was like 12 and using
    ever since. The past year hasn't
    been as heavy as I use to.
    They say that chronic users
    pass because of the fact
    there chronic users and rid it
    faster....whats the truth behind this?
    I feel like I've been smokin too
    long to pass shit for at least 30days.
    My old friend took over 6wks
    to clean out but she had a lot more
    body fat than I.

    Anywho, Drug test and physical are
    all together. & if anyone
    has been through this for
    a job at a hospital please
    fill me in on your experience.
    I'm sure there not going
    to watch me piss well I'm not
    sure but I'm purdy sure I
    will have to put a gown on
    for my physical...i haven't had
    a physical since the 5th grade...
    so i dunno BUT I HAVE TO PASS!!
    I'm desperate
  5. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    No truth to heavy users passing the UA easier. The more thc you put in your system the longer it akes to get the cutoff levels below 50ng.
    I've had physicals and UA's at the same time but not for hospital. I was always allowed to redress before the UA. So get some synthetic urine follow the directions carefully and practice carrying and heat. Keep it in your pocket till after the physical and then move to your crotch.
  6. lynziloo21

    lynziloo21 Registered

    Thank ya'll!!!

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