Clean for 90 days except for 1 week, Pass hair test?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by elduderino321, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Hey all just freaking out over here and making another thread, so i stopped smoking on may 2nd and by the time i would have to take a hair follicle test it will have been 90 days maybe more. The problem is that im an idiot and smoked for about a week mid july, no more than twice a day. IDK what happened i cracked and didnt expect a test this soon. Now my question is, is this one week enough to go past the cutoff level on the hair test? and 2nd will bleaching and redying fairly easily remove this one week from my other wise clean 90 days? going to be getting a hair cut soon as well, as its been about a week since the last toke, and i was not smoking large amounts considering it took me very little to get high.... any thoughts?
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    More threads wont get more posts..


    So when is your test?
    -90 days from May2 is now....

    Cant give a specific last day?

    Smoking twice a day for a week will show up in hair grown, 2-3 days after the last day you smoked.


    So last day was July 26?
    -If so, @ avg. 1/2" a month, It'll take month and a half (Sept 15) for sufficient length of hair to grow for test. if you cut tonight.
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    lol smokemypiece, you have my number i appreciate your responses, and i just thought i could rephrase my questions a little better, and yes i am freaking out. so i will be getting a cut not necessarily a shave(bic) and my last day was the 25th so yea sept sounds about right, however i honestly believe my hair may be a little faster growing than the avg. anyways i have obviously not had an interview yet so i do not know when the test and or start date would be but could be any day after the 13th of august as a worst case scenario. If i bleach and redye at least three times between now and the test day, that according to you should be sufficient right? and would i need to complete the rest of the jerry g method or would the bleach and dye be enough to dilute/erase that one week? meaning should i buy the specialty shampoos? it is a tough decision considering toxin wash seems to go at 70$, would tide and zydot be a suitable replacement?
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    Yo how did your test go? Did you clean your hair?

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