Cleaning a (glass) pipe.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by 1chronic, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. 1chronic

    1chronic Registered+

    I'm making this thread to say that using efferdent to clean your pipe, (one of the lady's on this site suggested it, I can't remember who.) works amazingly. My pipe "The Candy Cane" was dirty and needed a bath. I soaker her in some efferdent and after a little while shook the ziplock bag and then rinsed her off. I had to touch up the tough spots with a pipe cleaner but they came off easy. And I have to say, Damn. She looks like the day I bought her. I should have done before and after shots to show you.

    I don't know how well this works on metal pipes because I never tried it, but I assume it would work well.. And no I wasn't saving the resin but it wouldn't have been hard. Just using a coffee filter.

    Okay I'm done blabbing, just letting everyone know it works great.
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  2. ITGfan17921

    ITGfan17921 Registered+

    so, what exactly do you do? just soak it in efferdent like you would dentures?
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  3. Professor Dan K.

    Professor Dan K. Registered+

    i believe it was samwhore, good idea haha

    ill have to try that next time i have some efferent on hand.
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  4. 1chronic

    1chronic Registered+

    Yep, then you shake the bag to loosen the shit up and get anything left over with a pipe cleaner.:thumbsup:
  5. Humboldt215

    Humboldt215 Registered+

    that idea is tits!!!

    I always soaked them in rubbing alcohol.. but this sounds alot faster!
  6. one.stoned.wookie

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    if u wanna save the resin just blow into the glass bowl and it will soften it up(blow till foggy inside) then use a paper clip in a small L shape and use that works perfect then for perfect clean u can always soak in some rubbing alcohol and stick some qtips in it if u can or use some rock salt.....shake dont drop rinse really good with hot water and repeat if needed....rock salt andalcohol is great for bongs can even use the wintergreen kind for a nice first hit just rinse really well!
  7. Stemis516

    Stemis516 Registered+

    resin is shit

    formula 420 for the win
  8. silverspring07

    silverspring07 Registered+

    thanks for sharing -i was just searching for an easy way to clean my glass pipe
  9. Samwhore

    Samwhore Registered+

    You are all welcome, its way better than scraping, Im lazy so I just soak my things in efferdent, I was actually coming into this thread and going to post something about efferdent, but next time, try to let is soak in a bowl or sink,
  10. uzybear

    uzybear Registered+

    used to use efferdent to clean my retainer; seems like it would work; but then again, residue building up on my glass doesn't bother me. i like to think it's aging like a tobacco pipe :) of course it's not unfortunately
  11. originalblu

    originalblu Registered+

    i clean my pipes every day with formula 420,, it makes them new in less then a min:thumbsup:
  12. rck2drums

    rck2drums Registered


    That is one expensive way to do it! But your smoke probably tastes much better than mine. From what I see 420 cleaner is extremely expensive.
  13. 1chronic

    1chronic Registered+

    You can always google it if you want to find out for your self. Efferdent is fairly cheep and you COULD do it every day if that floated your boat ^_^
  14. blazed_babe

    blazed_babe Registered+

    i use oxyclean to clean my glass can't save the resin this way though. just get a big bowl and boil some water on the stove. go ahead and put a few tablespoons of oxyclean in the bowl. pour the hot water in, add some more oxyclean, gently places pipe(s) in the bowl. the amount of time they have to spend in the oxyclean water is dependent on how much resin is in the pipe. sometimes i have to clean my pipes several times as well. if there are still bits of resin in the pipe, make a water solution with oxyclean and pour it into the pipe and then rinse with hot water. this always gets my pipes crystal clean with no resin anywhere on the pipes!
  15. beanso

    beanso Registered

    I used rubbing alcohol the other day for my metal slider.

    I just let it soak for a bit and then shook it.
    I then put it in a glass cup and put it in some hot water on the stove.
    Gets all the resin out, and then you're able to retrieve it.
  16. mugen

    mugen Registered+

    I looked it up and regular 420 is $5 a bottle and $20 for glass...yep im bored
  17. samuelaaron

    samuelaaron Registered

    my headshop charges 9 bucks a bottle
  18. Awill3449

    Awill3449 Registered+

    Good Method: (except you dont get to keep the resin, and it's best for smaller glass pipes)

    - Heat water until near boiling, and then pour that water into a mug or bowl. Then, put your pipe into the hot water... do it slowly and don't burn yourself. Leave it there for 5-10 mins, and then change the water a few times. If there is still also of resin, just rinse it in the sink. Let it dry for an hour or so, and then it's all clean!
  19. 1chronic

    1chronic Registered+

    That can be dangerous, you can crack your pipe and easily burn yourself, plus you get resin all over the container you put the pipe in, I only recommend this idea if your not trying to be stealth and have a container you don't mind dirtying.
  20. hreskofreight4

    hreskofreight4 Registered+

    ill have to try efferedent next time thanks!!

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