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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by daren420c, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. daren420c

    daren420c Registered

    I was just wondering what is the best way to remove resin from a glass bowl? I've heard soaking it in rubbing alcohol and scraping with a toothpick or the like, but honestly I have no idea if that will cause it to break or not. I really appreciate the help
  2. rebgirl420

    rebgirl420 Registered+

    What you need:

    *Rubbing alcohol
    *Pipe Cleaners

    Soak the q-tip or pipe cleaner in the rubbing alcohol and begin to scrub the resin from your bowl/bong/whatever. Soaking your bowl/bong/whatever first in rubbing alcohol is good too.

    The resin will begin to break down once the rubbing alcohol hits it and then you just scrub away until it's clean. Then rinse off your bowl/bong/whatever with water.


    It's perfectly safe, unlike the boiling method. Your bowl/bong/whatever isnt going to break with this method.
  3. Kryptonite24

    Kryptonite24 Registered+

    ^^she pretty much said it all^^
    salt helps to cause it doesnt dissolve in the alcohol so it acts like a scrubber. woot!!!
  4. Thiele

    Thiele Registered

    Apart from what has already been said I would also use salt. It is a very good non-harmful abrasive. As far as the rubbing alcohol goes get the highest percent possible. (everclear works wonders)
  5. 40oz

    40oz Registered+

    just combine a bunch of salt and rubbing alcohol in your bong and swosh it around for 5-10mins until clean. Its that easy.
  6. Euphoric7

    Euphoric7 Registered+

    I can never seem to full clean out the area around the bowl in the inside.
  7. Barney Trouble

    Barney Trouble Registered+

    i put it in with the dishes

  8. Metaphor

    Metaphor Registered+

    soak it in an soloution composed of efferdent and water for 30 minutes then you can wipe it clean with any number of things. I usualy use a swiss army knife.
  9. silverspring07

    silverspring07 Registered+

    I just did it tonight...soaked it in hot water & dish soap for an hour & then used a Q tip and all of the resin I could reach easily came off. The rest of it (under the bowl) can be reached with a pipe cleaner.
  10. MadSativa

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    I have heard efferdint and alcohol work good infact that 420 cleaner stuff looks just like it. I just use the method reb described. And what breaks your glass is hitting it hard enough on a harder surface than itself will brake it. Also temerature differance. an example is dont put ice and freazing water in part of your bong and hot steaming water in another part. the extrem temp differance could casue a stress crack, it could come apart like a broken toy, or it could be just fine. Ice and freazing water or hot steamy water but not both at the same time. personaly I dont realy see the point in hot water bongin anyway but people like it.
  11. Rhea0Reefer

    Rhea0Reefer Registered

    Nail polish remover! w/ acetone

    afterwards wash it well to get the chemicals off

    its works!!!

    if its inside of your bowl- get an old pot boil water nail polish and some white vinegar-- submerge the bowl and you can see chips of resin come off
  12. taraxrist

    taraxrist Registered

    Alcohol and the salt treatment works fairly well.

    Warm your alcohol in the microwave for about 30 seconds, pour into your bowl/bong and then pour some salt in and swish it around.

    Should do fine. ^_^
  13. TheMetal1

    TheMetal1 Registered+


    To a headshop and buy Formula 420. I admit, there are better (cheaper) ways to clean a pipe... but that stuff will at least show you HOW clean you can get your pipe. I didn't clean one of my bowls for a couple of years. I bought some of that stuff and in about 10 minutes I saw what the pipe looked like when I first bought it! :thumbsup:

    You can also get a feel for the consistency and ingredients of Formula 420 and then make it yourself with some alcohol, salt, and citrus juice.

    Have fun and Happy Cleaning :jointsmile:
  14. Tox

    Tox Registered+

    Put a cup of water in the microwave and get it boiling then drop your pipe in the cup for about 5 minutes. THe cup will start looking like a fucked up cup of coffee... your pipe should be clean if not grab a cu tip and clean it more but hot water really does the trick. THen you have to get a few paper towels and use them to strain the resing from the water in the cup if you want to keep your resin...
  15. Tox

    Tox Registered+

    but if you just want to clean the bowl itself just get it hot and wipe it out with some tissue...
  16. trancefusion5

    trancefusion5 Registered+

    Yeah go with the rubbing alcohol and salt. Let it sit in the alcohol for a few hours and then throw in the salt and shake it up good. The salt helps to get the stuff out where q-tips dont reach.
  17. legalEYESit

    legalEYESit Banned

    Boil in a POT 5-10 Min

    Don't use a good POT but you can boil them in water and they get 90% clean if not even better w/o alcohol Just use a POT that you don't care about...
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  18. RobPA

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    Try and not take the advice of anyone who tells you to put your glass in ANY type of hot water. Taking your glass from hot/warm water to cold or cool water will give it a bigger chance of shattering. I personally use Isopropyl Alcohol (100%) and COOKING SALT because the grains are a little bigger. I also have a spcial tool called the original BUDDY, its like the thing they use to clean fishtanks. Its a Magnet that has little scrubbers on one side and you drop it into your bong and can scrub the inside from the outside. I do this while the alcohol is still in the water portion of the bong. Works great! Just dont use the hot water method, its way to much of a risk especially if your workin' with an expensive piece.
  19. fmccoy21

    fmccoy21 Registered

    PLEASE HELP 911!

    I just boiled my bowl and don't know what to do! I don't want it to break and I know it could from reading about boiling bowls here! It's currently in the water it boiled in. PLEASE help so my bowl doesn't break! asap!
  20. Cleaning?

    Why waste the time on cleaning when you can just buy a new one, unless you're attached to your old one. Did you know that you can make your own, check it out.:Rasta:

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