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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by triv, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. triv

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    What's the best method to use when cleaning a glass pipe? I got one recently (well.. a month or two ago, but I've only used it maybe 3 times) And it looks something similar to this. I wash it out as best I can after each session; even drown it in boiling water for an hour or two. But what about the resin building up inside?

    Sorry if this seems like a total newb question, but you guys seem like you know what you're doing so I thought I'd ask.
  2. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    salt + rubbing alcohol(99%) + shaking = glass pipe that looks brand new

    reply if you need more instructions
  3. Theduderino

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    Amount of salt? Good to know ;) .
  4. triv

    triv Registered

    Makes sense.
    I wouldn't mind some further in-depth instructions if you have the time.
  5. pixel

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    large ziplock bag
    rubbing alcohol
    boiling water
    grill tongs (what you use to flip hotdogs on a grill)
    and last but not least... dirty resin'd up bowl :)

    First, get that water boiling. What you want to do is drop the bowl in the boiling water and let sit for 5 minutes without it moving. then, take your tongs,pick it up slightly
    by its stem (whilst keeping it submerged in boiling water) and violently shake it back and forth without hitting the sides of the pan. u will see little pieces of resin coming out of it. now let it sit for a little while longer (3-5 minutes)

    grab your ziploc, fill it up (not all the way, just how much u need) with rubbing alcohol u may also want to pour some salt into the alcohol and shake the bag a bit.

    then, take the bowl out of the boiling water and without letting it cool pour salt first in the stem (not so much that the rubbing alcohol can't get through it) and then in the bowl itself. put the bowl in the rubbing alcohol ziplock, seal it up, and shake that shit for a good 30-40 seconds.

    when it comes out u may see a tiny bit of resin left in the bowl part but grab some of those corn cob picks that u stab in the side of corn on the cob and just scrape out the resin. this method makes my pipe look and smoke like i just bought it that day.

    some tips:
    use a pot for boiling water that your parents dont use often in the house, because sometimes resin collects where the water line is and it's really really hard to get it out of the pot.

    do this when no one will be home for a little while if you don't own any air freshener or if you don't have a window near your stove because it can smell when in boiling water and the smell sticks around. if you have air freshener don't spray it until you've turned the stove OFF.

    i dont think i can make it any more clear :Rasta: this method will work for u guarenteed, but u really don't need to clean your pipe after only using it 3 times. no matter what u do it's gonna collect resin, but when u dont have any weed u can scrape the resin, roll it up in a little ball, drop it in your bowl and smoke it. tastes funny but it will get you a nice buzz going if you're really bored or u just want some weed.

    good luck :)
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  6. enthused

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    thanks alot. gonna do that soon cause my pipe is getting so dirty its starting to be unenjoyable. i did jus buy a bong tho. they are fun :D
  7. Strikerrr

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    yo that rubbing alcohol shit works tight as fuck I haven't seen anything that tight in forever yo,.
  8. triv

    triv Registered

    Awesome, thanks a lot guys.

    I think I'll try it with the denture tablet first, because I have those on me (use 'em to clean my retainer) but no rubbing alcohol.
    bigjohnstud2o, do you use rice in the same way pixel uses salt? ie. apply rice to the bowl + stem, then shake it up in the ziploc bag that has the denture tablet. I'll most likely use salt because I have more of it.
  9. 420purplehaze420

    420purplehaze420 Registered+

    Im sure this way works good but i usually skip a few steps so i can do it in the bathroom in like 5 min

    1. First i usually grab the pipe and a paperclip and get as most of the resin as i can just by poking around in it

    2. Then i get tongs and go to the sink

    3. I turn the hot water on full blast and let it warm up, then i hold the pipe under the water (have a good grip on the pipe because glass will shatter on porcelin) doing this helps loosen up the remaining resin - use the tongs to avoid 1st degree burns

    4. Then put like a tbsp of salt (or rice) in the pipe, this creates friction which wears the resin down, when its shaken

    5. Cover the mouthpeice and carb, and pour in some alcohol

    6. Then shake it vigorously for a few minutes and rinse the pipe

    -If its not spotless, keep doing it until it is

    7. then, leave the pipe to dry overnight so the alcohol evaporates

    8. Now go smoke a fresh tasty bowl out of your sweet pipe

    Give this method a try if those denture tablets dont work, this method also works good on bong chambers
  10. WakingDream

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    Let the resin build up on the inside, then it catches ash and other shit that would be going right into your mouth. After a few months or whatever scrape it and get a big ball of gooey stuff to get you roasted.
  11. triv

    triv Registered

    I don't have any rubbing alcohol on me at the moment so I'll try this method tonight.
    I take it you put the rice/salt in the stem and bowl before placing the pipe into the ziploc bag, correct?

    Sorry, I just realized I've already asked this on a previous post in this thread. Consider this nothing more than a bump. :thumbsup:
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  12. Got That Haze

    Got That Haze Registered

    wow, absolutely amazing. i used the shorter method, running under hot water then filling it with rubing alcohol and salt, i didnt even remember my bowl lookin like this. the first method might be better for like your prized piece, but this works just fine, got rid of like 85% of the res.
  13. Krayzee1

    Krayzee1 Registered

    Use Purple Power... it's a heavy duty degreaser... or grease lighting... but purp power's better
  14. angry nomad

    angry nomad Registered+

    I wouldn't want to smoke out of something that could leave behind a a residue like that. Isn't the main ingredient in that pure potassium which is corrosive?

    Anyway, on cleaning your pipe, I just scrape that shit out (the resin) with a paper clip or bobby pin. Then, I put it back in the bowl, and smoke it, on top a piece of rolling paper if it's a small amount. or, I roll it around in my kief. Make sure you blow the resin out.

    When it starts to get old, rubbing alcohol and salt work well. Then, make sure you rinse it well.
  15. DRybes

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    Smoking the scraped black resin is a bit odd cause it has a harsh taste, similar to half-assed honey oil or those other leftover chemicals you might taste in something homemade and think "I shouldnt be tasting this". Any nonpolar solvent should take the crap right out but rubbing alcohol has, for me anyway, tried and true worked the best and the fastest. Ethanol or vodka is slower and ether, although it should in theory work the best, barely works at all (was not 100% pure ether). Stick to isopropanol. Haven't tried salt but a pinch is all you'd need and that should help react stickier compounds, although I'd rinse it well afterward.

    Alcohol (ethanol, methanol, or isopropanol) is one of few substances that will completely evaporate if pure or near pure with water added (i.e. 90% rubbing alcohol is 10% water). Anything with molecules dissolved in it will theoretically leave residue other than just undissolved resin that was there to begin with. Potassium is never a pure ingredient since it hates being in that state (much like sodium... they can just spontaneously combust), but it can make lots of salts, just like table salt would if not more. Without a very good solvent rinse afterward (like with rubbing alcohol), it'd be a bad idea. There are other things besides potassium or lye in commercial cleaners that make them very bad choices. Stick with the cheapest and best. Warning: only use on metal and glass.

    Edit to say you can just buy a bottle of rubbing alcohol with a suitably large cap, drop the piece in, shake it around, pull it out a few hours later, and reuse the liquid in the future... if not just put a bit in a small glass and soak/stir your piece for a few hours. Keep away from flames even though its not very dangerous as far as solvents go, better safe than sorry. If you add salt you will want to rinse it out again with fresh, non-salted alcohol. rinse well with water and air dry only. Can also rub a pipe cleanr inside while its in the alcohol, works well.
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  16. Toke'n

    Toke'n Registered+

    What about Methyl Alcohol, like heet? (Gas line Antifreeze) I don t have any alcohol right now, but i have a bottle of this stuff around. It evaporates quickly just like rubbing alcohol. Any thoughts?
  17. Whix

    Whix Registered+

    all you need to do is

    1. take zip lock baggie
    2. dump in a bunch of salt in the bag and in the pipe
    3. pour in the the alocohol in the bag while the pipes in there
    4. close bag and grab the pipe inside the bag and shake the liquid throught it

    your pipe will look brand new in like 10 min
    boiling it in water is a waste of time
    my bong looked brand new after like 3 min's of shaking with the salt + alocohol combo!
  18. rebgirl420

    rebgirl420 Registered+

    I use rubbing alcohol, q-tips, and pipe cleaners to clean out my glass peices. Then I make sure to rinse them out well and I dry them with some of the unused q-tips and a rag.
  19. Chrono420

    Chrono420 Registered

    Pixel your method got my pipe looking like the day i bought it not a single spec of resin thank you.
  20. hybridlove420

    hybridlove420 Banned

    the alcohol will bond with resins and crud to help clean i believe.

    this thread should merge with the bong cleaning one.

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