Cleaning with alcohol / Making hash oil from resin?

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by jmill32, May 8, 2009.

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    I've been cleaning my pieces for years using alcohol with a combo of some salt which works great for me. Lately, i've been looking into making hash oil for health reasons since lately i've been feeling like i've got the smoker's cough. I've been reading many threads and different sites about making oil using hash/trim/bud but never resin. I'm not one to clean my pipe then smoke a ball of resin but I have in the past. It's obvious there still THC in the resin. I'm wondering if anyone has tried using that resin to make oil. I know the amount of resin is probably small but I was thinking if that was possible I would just start saving up and trying this out. Most methods I've read for making hash oil have used alcohol to extract the THC then evaporate off the alcohol leaving the oil. Since i already have the resin in an alcohol solution i was thinking that maybe I could go one step farther and extract some oil out of it. Anyone?

    I've been up since 5am yesterday (now almost 7am) and can't sleep since I had to quit smoking for a drug test coming up so don't rip me apart if this is a stupid question. I'm not trying to dispute the actual process of making the oil I just summed it up real quick to get my question out there. Also, i'm still not sure whether or not it's still called "Hash oil" if it's made from say.. trim but regardless.
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    Well... it can be done, but the result is nasty. The hash oil you can get from this is weak, and full of all the bad substances (many of them are carcinogenic) that exist in the resin of burnt weed. And it tastes awful too. Sincerely, i dont recommend it. If you want make hash oil, make it from weed, kief or trim, cause the resulting product is WAYY more enjoyable. :stoned:
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    Sometimes you can turn shit into solid gold, but this isn't one of those times.
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    The hash oil collected from pipe resin is not really hash oil; some call this process reclaiming but done with a pipe that is used to smoke just herb the product from it is not so good, and full of carcinogens not present in real hash oil. How ever if this process is done with a pipe which is used to smoke nothing but hash oil or bubble hash, the reclaiming process can yield almost pure hash oil, with almost no impurities.

    Hash is a claiming or collection and cleaning of tricomes. Tricomes are the little crystal looking glitter specs on well grown bud. tricomes are pure THC, cbd, etc. where as the bud has allot of other things in it. These other things or chemicals can be harmful when burned and inhaled, however much less harmful than the chemical make up of tobacco when smoked.

    Hash oil is made from a extraction processes in which a solvent or gas, such as butane or alcohol even liquid oxygen is used to extract the tricomes from ground bud or trim. in the extraction a filter is used to clean impurities or anything that is not a tricomes.

    don't smoke pipe resin it is not so good for you, on the other hand vaporizer resin and resin from a hash pipe is not so bad.
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    Alright it looks like the concensus is NO. Looks like I'll be makin hash oil the conventional way. Can't wait to take my drug test tomorrow for my job so I can get back to tokin. Thanks for the replies and btw I never smoke resin its terrible for the body.
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    I see this is a very old thread. I have spent the past 2 years working around this area. Yes, you can reclaim and purify pipe resin. I have found that the product is very high in cbd, and great for sleeping. I have also used it in edibles. The more time you are willing to spend on it, the higher the quality your product will be. All these responses... I don't get why people get on these forums offer up advice or answers on subjects they clearly have no clue.

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