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    Alright after experiencing the worst words ever said on this earth. "and we require all employers to take a drug test" I got to work. Researching on cleansing toxins and multiple drug testing procedures I have came up with my own hybrid of sorts.

    Getting Started:
    Now time is important. I am going to say the best solution is time but of course we don't all have time and we must cleanse our body faster then our body can do on its own. So lets get started.

    Procedure Background Info:
    THC stays in your system by 2 factors, Your metabolism and the THC half-life. Half-life of THC varies. Pretty much everything is a variable when it comes to THC. :(
    THC exits the body through the Urine and Feces so it just doesnt flow out.

    Getting Started:
    If you have time you can try to rid your body of toxins.
    Step 1. Get out the Tea, Any tea is good green, white, or black.
    Step 2. Make alot of tea about 80ounces.
    Step 3. Add anything that would improve its antioxidants such as lemon juice, other fresh herbs, whatever except make sure it isnt sugar or something like that.
    Step 4. Start to drink the tea as a replacement to anything else. If you need to drink some glasses of water here and their but the tea should replace almost all of your fluid intake.
    Step 5. Take some vitamins, supplements, and herbs! " I recommend Milk thistle and basic multi vitamins. Take these as directed.
    Step 6. You should be pissing alot if you are drinking the tea frequently. Your urine will be clear but a slight yellow tint to it. This is good because it means that you arnt pissin straight water some stuff is coming out. Not exactly THC but useless stuff to the body.
    Step 7. Eat as healthy as possible this means nothing greasy, fastfood, or soda. Eat oranges, apples, strawberries, lemons, ect.
    Step 8. Now the Laxative part. Buy some small chocolate ones and eat them. Yes it sucks but it cleans your colon out, reallly good. lol
    Step 9. "optional" Coconut Oil I had some of this left over from my little THC capsule experiment and looked it up. Funny thing is, is that it is pretty good in cleaning you out. Take a shot of coconut oil or preffered amount.

    The main goal is to elimate other toxin so that your body can focus on fucking THC up. If your intake is fast food. Your going to be full of by products from this food. Such as additives for preservation, shelf life, and even taste. Fruits, Vegetables, and herbs are all natural and are full of antioxidants which enhance your bodies ability to cleanse itself of toxins.

    Now this is sort of a pre-dilution process which should give you some better results and increase your chances of passing the test. I recommend following a dilution method prior to the actuall drug test to ensure you will pass. because hey THC is a tricky sucker.

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    have you tested this out urself or is it just an educated guess on how to rid the body of thc
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    I guess passing answers that question
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    I cannot say whether or not this is good advice, but if it works for you then at least it's doing something. I myself am just passing the good word along of tried and true methods on this board. You have quite a hefty list of how and what to's in your post and it is really hard to tell what works and what is unnecisary.

    A lot of what you are saying I have read before and have given the same advice (especially concerning fiber) to people on these boards so I am intrigued to say the least.

    I don't know how well your method works as I have never tried it myself but it is definitely worth looking into.

    From the looks of it you have done your homework on this one and i'd like to personally thank you for adding to the plethora of knowledge and information already present in the drug testing forum. It's good to see that you posted what works for you as well as backed it up with additional information. I have seen countless posts from people saying "Oh my friend told me if I gnaw on rocks for 4 days i'll pass my drug test FOR SURE! My teeth hurt real bad but I swear it works!!@@!"

    So again, thanks for posting a well thought out method. +REP :)
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    hmn ... i'm tempted to try this out and see what happens. i'm back on a job hunt, so i may as well, haha (plus, i eat too much junk food as it is). anyone with me?
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    Sounds like something off an infomercial

    This is yet another case of incorrectly assuming "toxins" meaning THC metabolites. While all of the above things listed may have properties helpful in ridding the body of harmful toxins, theres no empirical evidence to confirm that they help rid the body of THC metabolites. The only thing thats proven to do that is time and fat-burning exercise.

    What answered that question was nothing but a fallacy of causation. Youre merely assuming that because you took antioxidants, milk thistle, etc, and passed that they were responsible. Just because B happens doesnt mean A caused it. Nothing but pure coincidence.
    The real hero here was very likely the 80 ounces of tea consumed, which only served to dilute your urinestream just enough to register a negative on the test. You would have passed that test anyway just on the tea-loading alone without the antioxidants and milk thistles to go with it.
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    As stated in my post. I cleary focus on the point that THC can not be nuked but other toxins can be and your bodies natural defences can focus on metabolizing THC. I also stated towards the end that this is a pre-detox system which is not ment to be done right before a drug test but the days following up to a test. This is just a simple way to speed up your metabolism "Which tea was scientifically proven to do". And I never imply that Milk thistle makes you pass or neither did I say anti-oxidants do the same. If my focus was on these my post topic would of read miracle herb helps pass drug tests. I simply state these as possible herbs with several benefits to increase your metabolism and clean toxins.

    Always got people to contradict you I guess.
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    That's kind of redundant as THC half life is in part determined by metabolism as well as diet, exercise, genetics, body fat percentage, age, etc etc etc. All of these things influence THC half life and it can vary from one person to another from 0.8 days to 10 days. That can even vary in the person due to changes.

    I go back and forth on the milk thistle thing as it is said to be good for the liver. It's cheap so if you want to use it knock yourself out.

    I disagree with your theory
    as first of all THC metabolites are not toxins and your body can multi task and has many different metabolic pathways it uses. In order to slow down the metabolism of THC, you would have to be ingesting a chemical or substance that is using the same metabolic pathways. The first step in hepatic metabolism of THC is hydroxylation at the 11 position to 11- hydroxy-delta-9-THC then oxidation to 11-nor-9-carboxy-THC (this is also known as THC-COOH, the main metabolite of THC and the one that is used in GC/MS!). There are other metabolic steps or reactions and other metabolites but this is the main metabolic pathway and the most important one.

    It can't hurt to take a multivitamin daily or drink gree tea but don't expect these to have a significant impact on elimination time. I hear people claim green tea can speed upo your metabolism but I've never seen good scientific data backing this up. Instead of using an irritant laxative you should use soluble fiber. You can search my posts on this as I've been saying it a lot lately.
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    idk if anyone is getting where im at here but no matter what eating healthy increases your metabolism and that would help you in metabolizing thc. I also was looking up some of the information you got and found this right below it. "Metabolism mainly occurs in the liver by cytochrome P450 enzymes CYP2C9, CYP2C19, and CYP3A4."(wikipedia). So milk thistle is a good idea since it has been studied to promote a stronger liver.
  10. FakeBoobsRule

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    I think many of us are getting where you're at but you aren't getting where we are at. Just because something claims to be a good antioxidant or healthy for you doesn't mean crap. You have to show a statistically significant link between the two. That's like saying well I stopped and at a healthy sub from Subway with Jared the day of my test instead of Mickie D's so that's why I pasted my test.

    Tell me, if my caloric intake to maintain my weight was 3500 calories per day and I ate 3500 calories from nothing but raw fruits and vegetables, that would speed up my metabolism and I would start to loose weight? I don't think so. There is so much more to diet than just eating healthy. Not that eating healthy is bad but again where is the statistical evidence. Look at it this way. Ever hear of the Adkin's diet. All protein, all fat, no carbs (actually under 20 grams of carbs per day in the induction phase). So I could eat bacon, eggs, hamhocks, sausage, big fatty burger patties, cheese, chicken wings without breading, fried chicken without breading, butter by the slab shrimp (which have no fat but loaded with cholesterol), and you would loose weight. Is that really though healthy eating? Look at the cholesterol intake in that diet. Not healthy at all (you have to take a multivitamin to get some of your vitamins or else you feel like ass BTW) but it does burn fat if you enter ketoacidosis. So I could eat like a big lard ass and actually loose weight and maybe decrease THC half life in the body. So that's pretty much the opposite of eating healthy.

    That's not where I got the metabolism of THC, I got it from Facts and Comparison, a textbook for pharmacists and physicians that is 1000 times better than a PDR. I would say Wiki got the info from the textbook I used. Either Facts and Comparisons or Remington's. I didn't look at the source ( I looked back, here is where they got it, I got mine from F & C: Huestis MA (2005). "Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of the plant cannabinoids, Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol, cannabidiol and cannabinol". Handb Exp Pharmacol (168): 657–90. PMID 16596792.  ) . Again though we are at the same dead end in the road. You have to show that milk thistle does indeed have a positive influence on liver function and specifically the metabolic pathway that is involved with hydroxylation of THC. You know how niacin is the big myth of THC drug testing. Do you know how it was started? L Ron Hubbard, the father of the cult of scientology. He had no medical training whatsoever. He believed that 21 days of vitamins high in niacin could help detox the body. Because niacin is involved in fat metabolism people kind of believed this. Time release niacin can even be beneficial in certain lipid disorders in the bloodstream (I think it is high triglycerides, Dave Byrd would know). This all helped perpetuate the myth. More doesn't always mean better. You need niacin for proper metabolism but more doesn't mean better or else niacin would be flying off the shelves with the weight problem this country has. There is no solid evidence that milk thistle works much less improve THC elimination. Since it is about $4 for a bottle of 100, I said it isn't that bad as it is cheap and can't hurt. You are however chasing fool's gold if you think it is going to make a significant impact on THC metabolism. If it was that powerful in aiding the liver, do you think it would be over the counter?

    A lot of people have come up with you hypothesis before but it has never been proven. Solid work but there is more that needs to be done to prove this.
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