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Discussion in 'Ohio (OH)' started by simplestyle3, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. simplestyle3

    simplestyle3 Registered+

    What up Clifton Kids. I know you're out there. Stop by anytime you see me on the porch, there's usually a bowl on the bench next to me. Clifton's the best. There's dope spots to buy the best fresh and mass restarants if I don't feel like cooking this month. There's beautiful women. There's sunny days. There's backyard campfires. Fresh air the day AFTER trash day. Rainstorms/free carwashes. The dude with the shopping cart that I save my aluminum cans for.No one bothers me at home and I've got hella cool smoke spots all over campus. Holla if you hear me. Tell us what you love!
  2. Aristotle

    Aristotle Registered+

    King Wok I believe it's called. A Chinese restaurant in Clifton on the corner right across from the Starbucks.

    Good ass Chinese food. But yeah, Clifton parties kick ass, too.
  3. theoatsodaguy

    theoatsodaguy Registered

    My lady used to live in Clifton behind the Skyline. Great spot. We're out in Columbia-Tusculum now, not the same.
  4. theoatsodaguy

    theoatsodaguy Registered

    Man there's gotta be more UC/Clifton people out there? Where the hell is everyone?

    What about Thai Express up on McMillan?... great shit cheap and quick. Pad Thai with a couple of the spring rolls, so good.
  5. Clifton here, there isn't enough fast food in this area.
  6. Bob the Awesome

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    I go to Raymond Walters... that makes me UC sorta... right?

    My grandpa used to live in Clifton before he died, I can't say I know the area too well but I remember a few things... the horribly steep hills near his house, UC, some gyro place.

    I gotta get back down there sometime.
  7. RiddLefox

    RiddLefox Registered

    gyros kick ass.
  8. Genuine17

    Genuine17 Registered+

    what up bob the awesome, you go to raymond walters? i live in that neighborhood right across from plainfield called peppermill farms...!
  9. PhotogJames

    PhotogJames Registered

    The Red Pepper. Great Chinese although my waitress doesn't work there anymore (she moved back to China).
  10. jamesia

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    I'm by the Skyline on Ludlow... mmm skyline

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