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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by YASoob, May 1, 2006.

  1. YASoob

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    * 7" humidity dome.
    * gauge reading at: 79.3 F, 48% humidity.
    * Olvias gel
    * peat pellet
    * distilled water
    * 42watt CFL
    * clone 4 days old

    i have 8 clones, 4 each from a mother plant inside the humidity dome. Its in olvia gel and peat pellet. Theres (1)42watt CFL 5 inches on top of the dome and (2)42watt CFL 21 inches from the dome (those 2 are ment for the mother plant).

    1. I'm real concern with the clone, what should be the temperature and humidity be for the clones?

    2. I also mist the clones and dome about 2-4 times a day. is that a good thing to mist them constantly or am i just overwatering them?

    3. what can cause the clone to wilt?

    4. also, i notice that theres a gap from where i inserted the clone into the peat pellet. I notice when i picked it up and saw the stem moving. only 3 of the clones has gap. will it still grow root?

    -------------------------heres my schedule so far--------------------

    day 1) fresh cut clone birth, mist clone and dome @ 12:00 pm

    day 2)
    mist clone and dome @ 9:00 am, 1:25 am (night) O/C dome 8:29-54pm

    day 3)
    mist clone and dome at 7:40 am, 6:30 pm, 3:05 am (night)

    day 4)
    mist clone and dome at 7:40 am, 5:12 pm, 9:00 pm O/C dome 8:40-9:00 pm (probably gonna mist again at 1 or 2 am depending if clone recover from wilt due to Open dome at 8:40-9:00 pm.)

    I'm being detailed as i can, i hope this help you help me. Thanks in advance.
  2. britewire

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    1. between 20 and 27 degrees celcius

    2. don't spray water directly at the clones, I don't know why but I never did and they just rooted and grew fine.

    3. Dunno what you mean by wilt (stupid forreigner I am)

    4. It will grow root but it's best that the roots don't get any light in such a fragile state they're right now or going to be.

    PS (Get your humidity over 80% and use PH6.0 water)
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  3. YASoob

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    how can i get the humidity over 80% in the dome without buying humidifer?
  4. Garden Knowm

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    2. DONt spray.. i agree with Britwire,,

    the dome is more than adequate

    wilting is normal.. just make sure the medium is moist..

    if you want to be 100% happy.. use wilt spray...

    your clones will look as good as a pair of silicone titties,
    if you like that look?

    : )

  5. YASoob

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    anti wilt is just for looks? It doesn't help on anything else like faster or stronger root system for clones?

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