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    C.BEVERLY Registered

    after youve prepared your clones and are under flouresant lighting, what is the time for them. 24 hours light, 18 hours light ???????
  2. Dimebag

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    The lighting time for cloning should be your regular lighting time for vegging.
  3. jolly green giant

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    18 hrs or 24 hrs.....its up to you. they can both work well.. in fact ive had a higher ratio of females when using 24 hr vegging. but 18 hr vegging is a bit cheaper on the power bill if your skint...
  4. CO DE

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    Same here Ive had higher ratio of female using 24/0, but ive had trouble with heat stress and u have to water abit more but i think u will be ok under flouesant lighting m8.:)

    good luck:)

    PEACE TO ALL.:).
  5. DannyCalToker

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    all clones off a female plant will be female..
  6. Douglas1

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    I was going to say... unless im mistaken

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