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Discussion in 'Southern California' started by intj123, Aug 10, 2010.

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    I just finished rooting my first clones and already put them in 1 gallon and 1.5 gallon pots, 100% survived, but I once read that clones need less root space than plants grown from seed, can anyone tell me if this is true? Just trying to get an idea if I might have to transplant later, not trying to grow them too big though if I get an ounce off each I'll be fine.
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    I dont think it will create problem for you that pot will suit for it because if you feel material it will be tight and there will be small space for the roots.
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    you can, but it's not the best way to go about it. If they're already in there, leave them. Are you going to veg for a while, or go straight to flower? I recommend vegging for a few weeks to a month in those pots. The issue with putting plants in too large containers is that even with good drainage, the medium stays wet too long because the root mass hasn't grown enough to be able to take up all that water fast enough. When the medium stays wet for too long, it can promote mold and mildew. Cannabis like a wet/dry cycle and that's hard to control when the pot is too large for the plant.
    It's also more difficult to determine when to water since the top few inches of soil can be completely dry, but the bottom can still be very wet. If you go straight to flower, this amplifies the issue since the plant doesn't spend as much energy growing roots at this point.

    I've done that once out of necessity and I'm never doing it again.
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    well yea I'm vegging them still and going to vg for another 2 or 3 weeks for 2 of them, the small one in the 1 gallon is going to flower soon, it was the first to root and show new growth, cut one week ahead of the others. But that wasn't my real question, my real question is...

    Compared to seed, do clones use the same amount of root space to grow the same amount? Or do they use less root space than the plants from seed to become just as big?
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    by the way I first root my clones in 4 inch jiffy pots that the roots can grow through, then transplant them in the bigger pots, plus I grow outdoor mostly but in pots but they can dry out pretty quick in my cement backyard, I just light up at night to keep clones in veg. They are all doing well now actually and I wasn't worried at all about their health, just weather or not they would grow bigger or same size as the same plant grown from seed in that same size pot.
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    you know, that I'm really not sure. I remember hearing something about it a while back but can't remember
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    Rapid rooter, to 1/2 gal, to 3 gal.

    IMHO, I would take the middle ground for a 3 change system and I'll elaborate:

    1- rapid rooter plug for clone or 18 Oz "Solo cup" of soil for seed.
    2- 1/2 gal pot for veg
    3- 3 gal pot for final veg and flower.

    Just be aware not to soak the bottom of the soil every time because it will stay wet much longer. Some give "half waterings" or just a spray surface watering to compensate for a dry soil top because you don't want to soak the bottom again. I'm sure it takes getting a feel for it. Less is more.
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    Well thanks for the advise guys though I'm not a noobie grower, I've grown clones given to me before too, this was just my first time cutting and rooting them on my own. But anyways here a pic of how they turned out and they started flowering a week or so ago.

    I used 2 or 3 different methods of cutting(2 distinct) and planting and caring for the clones and noticed a big difference in technique, but wasn't 100% sure because of the tiny sample size of my batch. But I did a little research about cuttings(not cannabis but cutting and cloning in general) and I found some interesting facts that confirmed my theory.

    Heres a pic of a new clone transplanted and already hardening off at day 10 using my new improved method, btw these are not the best pics off of a phone, and downsized to upload here.
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    Best advice honestly, I use the Same Tactic. I only grow Organic and only water 2 times a week.Not to be a dick or Brag but honestly my clones are much bigger than yours at that stage, what soil and nutrients are you using? I also use Red Solo Cups till seedlings/clones are about 12" tall then switch to 3 Gal Pots from Veg till Harvest. Well at least on CC's (Cash Crops). For potential Mothers,Very rare picks, or Males I use Solo, 3gl, then lastly 5gl with SoG...(Males of course are sectioned off in Grow tents...) Last note make sure you have holes at least 5 in the bottom of your growing item (pots, cups, buckets, shhh I have even done a clone in a sponge! lol)
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