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Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by Revanche21, May 6, 2008.

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    I haven't done it, but why would you ever want to flower an unrooted clone?

    Maybe this thread belongs in basic growing, and not in advanced techniques ;)
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    been reading about 12/12 from seed, was wondering if you could do it with clones :jointsmile:
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    Yup, I gotcha. I suppose it could work, but it would probably take two months. If it's under 12/12 it's concentrating on reproduction.
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    If you were growing a production SOG,you might put them into 12/12 as soon as they are rooted.But i dont think it would be very effective when trying to root clones......I could be wrond though
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    12/12 from seed is not a particularly effective way to grow.
    Cloning under 12/12 light is also not going to give you the results you are after, as the plant is already trying to decide what to make of its undifferentiated cells- root, shoot, or flower... put it under dim 24/0 light and TELL it what to do: "MAKE ROOTS!!!"
    Not all strains can be effectively flowered as soon as they are rooted, either. Giving just enough veg time for the new clone to establish itself in whatever medium it will be flowered in will help reduce stress, add root mass, and ultimately, increase yield.
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    :postgood: enough said
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    I thought a dark period is required for rooting? wouldn't 18/6 be best? or maybe even 17/7

    I've heard debates between people back and forth between 24/0 and 18/6 for vegging, but what about forcing clones to root?
  9. stinkyattic

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    Tell my cuttings that... this is what their homes look like 24/0
    Root nubbies form within a week and actual roots are visible outside the RR plugs by about 10-12 days.
    IMVHO, steady, controllable temperatures are more important than a 'night' period.

    Edit: The clones in the first pic are fully rooted, potted-up in small pots, and hardened off. That's why the dome is off.

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    lol, Stinky, that last pic just looks so barren! I wish I had that much space for cloning! :)

    Rev, if you don't believe her (and it sounds like you do) try it out for yourself. Cloning only requires one tiny light source (I use 23w) so it won't be difficult to separate and buy another $3 bulb. Play with the technique, see what works best for you!
  11. GreenLeaf420

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    That's a T5 Stink? If so how far away you keeping it? I'm running into a problem I want to set the EZ-Cloner up in my mother room right now I have a 430 in there MH and was going to switch it to the big 1000 HPS to create faster growth the room is big. Temps are a problem now and will be fixed this week. Should I just put it in the corner and don't use Floros or Just get the EZ out of that room and use Floros?
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  12. stinkyattic

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    The HPS isn't what you'll want for cloning, light intensity aside.
    That's a New Wave T5 placed at 5 1/2 feet above the canopy. Even at that distance, lighting a ~6x8 room, it's more than adequate light.
    Temps will cause serious clone problems. Think of cloning as a race. The plants WILL grow roots eventually or they WILL rot eventually. Which happens first depends on your style. It's a race to get them rooted and into their new homes before they start to rot. High temps speed up fungal growth. Low temps slow down rooting. Get it? The happy medium is where sure, fungus COULD grow, but you cleaned the dome or cloner well enough to give yourself the 2-3 weeks you need for rooting before it sets in.

    I would either put the EZ in a shaded corner, if you can control temps, or stuff it in a spare closet under 1 or 2 Ott lights or a CFL, where you know the temps are stable. My T5 fixture is way overkill for most cloning applications; I usually use it to start seedlings and would stick a 4' shop light in the same spot instead when it's tied up elsewhere. But it's not the seedling time of year any more, lol.
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    When I get my dream house back home in brazil, could I pay you to set up my growspace... jeez lady, did you go to weed college, damn!?!
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    UMass. They might as well be one and the same.

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