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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by sdubya, Dec 6, 2009.

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    All my clones start off great then seem to turn into these 3 leaf mutants or they get super tall and lanky. Why is this happening and how can I avoid it?

    I started my crop from seeds initially then cloned right after sexing. Is this the problem?
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    well i have a clone curently flowering thats fine now but it started off that way shes dong good now and there only grow to the surounding try topping plants growhorizontal when toped since the hormones are stoped at the cut top and there branch two top then if you pluck them four will grom and so forth....but only if you feel brave but i cut off all of my leaves that shot out ad they stoped but i dont think i would,ve done it again try diffrent stuff as long as you keep a mother plant alive you can have many clones just make sure shes a she and not a he cut a mature plant back to 12/12 for two week shell try to flower and it will show you the sex males have nutsthat open up and pollenate and females grow empty seed pods as long as they dont ge pollenated they fill out with reson have fun and some pics would been aprecated
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    ok so here is the deal. You waited for sexing before you took a clone, therefore the plant had already gone into flowering for a little bit.

    when you grow a from seed youll notice the first leaves are one, the next set three, the next five, the next seven. Different leave formation is normal when plants are just starting to vegetate(aka growing seedlings).
    You cloned a flowering plant, stressed it and confused it into thinking its starting its veg cycle over again. It thinks its just popping out of the ground so its growing, one leave, then three, then five. If you keep on vegging your plant the next sets of leaves should look better and after a while it will look normal.
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    basically if you keep on giving them loving care they should stop looking so retarted and grow just like any other plant, you just gotta give them a little bit.
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    likely a result of light-stress ... correct the problem, it will likely 'grow out of it' ... :smokin:
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    your clone

    Hello your clone was already in flower,it will work on 12 12 then revert back to 24 they get healthier i had only one leaf just let them ride they will surprize you

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