Clones and Lighting

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by stone_sensation, Aug 8, 2007.

  1. stone_sensation

    stone_sensation Registered+

    Will my clones survive with just sunlight on the window sill?
  2. xxxhazexxx

    xxxhazexxx Registered+

    yes they will,are they in a proagation tent
  3. stone_sensation

    stone_sensation Registered+

    Nope, I am using the water cloning method as rockwool cubes hate me.... They are in a little grow box and misted often.
  4. twoguysupnorth

    twoguysupnorth Registered+

    they will, but they also will probably start flowereing considering the hours of daylight right now. this would work better in the spring/summer. unless you had a little light there to make sure they wont start flowering, but then why wouldnt you just use the light?
  5. bicflikr

    bicflikr Registered+

    i cant wait to put one in every window sill this spring.

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